Pasta with radicchio and … – Italian Cuisine – Italian Cuisine

Pasta with radicchio and ... - Italian Cuisine

Radicchio is enough to get a mouth-watering first course, but if we want to combine it with something else, there are many ideas: sausage, gorgonzola, speck …

The radicchio it is an ingredient that cannot be missing in the kitchen. The reason? It is great both in salad or in main courses (for example, have you ever tasted it with smoked salmon, seasoned with lemon juice?), but especially in first dishes: perfect both in risotto than with the pasta, with its bitter taste it goes perfectly with the sweetest ingredients.
Below, we propose the recipe of radicchio pasta, to which, however, you can add other ingredients, for many variations of taste. In the gallery, however, you will find some straight on which radicchio to choose and on conservation.

How to make radicchio pasta: the recipe

The ingredients

These ingredients are needed for the basic recipe for pasta with radicchio for about 4 people: 360 g of pasta, 1 shallot, 1 head of Treviso radicchio, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper to taste.

The procedure

While boiling the pasta in a pot with water, in a separate pan, sauté the shallot with a drizzle of oil and then add the coarsely chopped radicchio. Cook it for about 15 minutes. Once the pasta is cooked, drain it and add it to the pan, seasoning with salt and pepper. This is the basic recipe: now you choose the other ingredient to make the dish complete and irresistible!

Pasta with radicchio, sausage and walnuts

Using the one above as the basic recipe, get 20 cm of sausage and 40 g of toasted walnut kernels. While you are cooking the radicchio in a pan, add the crumbled sausage and cook everything together for a quarter of an hour. Finally, add the pasta drained from the cooking water, sauté it for a couple of minutes and add the previously roasted walnuts and coarsely chopped with a crescent.

Pasta with radicchio and gorgonzola

In addition to the basic ingredients, get 250 g of gorgonzola and 100 g of cooking cream. Do this: cut the gorgonzola into cubes, then in a saucepan, pour the cream and heat it over low heat. Then add the gorgonzola to melt it. Meanwhile, cook the radicchio and, almost at the end of cooking, add the cream cheese obtained. Mix well and add the boiled pasta. Mix the ingredients and serve hot.

Pasta with radicchio and ricotta

Do you have ricotta at home instead of gorgonzola? 100 g are enough for a delicious dish. After cooking the radicchio in a pan, add the ricotta, mixing well and mixing everything. Finally, the boiled pasta. Serve hot.

Pasta with radicchio and speck

Get 80 g of diced speck. Do this: before browning the radicchio in the pan, add the speck cubes to the shallot, making them sauté for a few minutes. Then add the chopped radicchio and proceed to cook it as per recipe. Now it's time to add the boiled pasta, mix well and… enjoy your meal!

Pasta with radicchio and tuna

Get 80 g of drained tuna in oil. Do this: once you have cooked the radicchio according to the instructions of the basic recipe, add the tuna at the end of cooking, then the boiled pasta and mix well to mix. Serve hot.

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