«New visions: the Vanity Stage organized with OPPO scheduled for October 29th – Italian Cuisine

"Nuove visioni" is the Vanity Stage organized with Oppo scheduled for October 29th at 3.30 pm on the vanitystage.vanityfair.it platform, with protagonists Nima Benati, one of the most requested and appreciated fashion photographers, and Isabella Lazzini, chief marketing officer of OPPO Italy.

The dialogue will focus in particular on the logical evolution of the smartphone tool. Investigating one of its now central connotations: the ability to tell everyday life through streams of images and videos, thus becoming a witness and a narrator of moments. A collector of memory, a vehicle for sharing and therefore for representing oneself towards the outside.

To represent this evolution are the phones Reno6 Pro 5G and Reno6 5G from OPPO, which offer as standard a range of functions capable of capturing the moment in a professional way, adding complex but intuitive special effects and obtaining a quality rendering effortlessly. Such simplicity leads to an outcome: it amplifies the expressive language of inexperienced, newbies, wary of technology. Writing stories in images is now within everyone's reach.

The appointment is part of the cycle of "OPPO Meets" digital meetings organized by OPPO in collaboration with Vogue Italia, GQ, Vanity Fair and Wired, which investigate how technology is influencing fashion, design, personal and therefore collective culture, lifestyles, in a process of mutual contamination, in a rebound of suggestions.

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