Fugazzeta recipe, an Italian-Argentine recipe – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Fugazzeta recipe, an Italian-Argentine recipe

There fugazzeta was baked for the first time in Buenos Aires in 1900 in the popular neighborhood of La Boca by the baker Juan Agustín Banchero, son of Genoese immigrants, in the pizzeria that bore his name. Like others Italian-Argentine foodsthe fugazzeta derives from the fusion of tastes and ingredients of Northern and Southern Italy, having typical characteristics of both Pizza both of Genoese flat breador of fugassa from which it takes its name.

The classic version (escape with queso) consists of two discs of pizza dough inside which plenty is placed cheesecovered with sliced ​​onion, and bake. Traditionally the bottom of the focaccia is thicker and larger, while the top is thinner and smaller, so that it becomes crunchy.

To reiterate the process of hybridization of northern and southern Italian cuisines that took place in Argentina, the cheese used for the filling can be either the Quartirolo be it mozzarella cheeseand for coverage the Provolone or the parmesan. Another version of the recipe (fugazza with cebolla) adds the tomato saucein addition to the onions, to the single disk of basic pasta.

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