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Originally from Turkey, more precisely from the kitchens of the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, phyllo dough is a highly versatile and delicious ingredient


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Ancient, exotic, mysterious
There phyllo dough, Greek cousin of our puff pastry, has its roots in the past aristocratic it is far. It was created, in fact, in the kitchens of the Topkapi Palace, a Istanbul, in the form of a very sweet baklava (a layered dessert) filled with honey and pistachios intended for the sultan. The name, which in Greek means "leaf", immediately suggests its minimum thickness and all its fragility. Exact deduction, since this type of pasta, whose home preparation is reserved for the most experienced, not only must be pulled to the extreme limit (and even beyond), but is susceptible to air and, if not protected, it dries quickly. In return it offers exceptional versatility, an excellent one taste neutral able to enhance sweet fillings as much as salty, spicy or spicy ones, the possibility of being baked in the oven or fried in a pan and aesthetic results of great effect: with the phyllo it is enough to create a simple spiral, a distracted crumple and the dish is transformed in a precious lace or in a bouquet of roses. Not only that: unlike our pastry, where a substantial stick of butter is part of the ingredients and is rolled with a rolling pin together with the rest of the dough, phyllo contains no fat, which makes it by far the lightest and most digestible pasta in its family.

How should the phyllo dough be treated?
Finally, among the many advantages, the fact that this laborious preparation can be purchased should not be underestimated already ready in some frozen food chains or ethnic specialty shops. Its use therefore becomes quite simple, as long as you take care to thaw the pasta very slowly, even for a whole day, first keeping it in the refrigerator and then at room temperature (for about 2 hours) and grease it with a little oil or melted butter. Also, while carrying out the operations required by the recipe with one or more sheets, remember to keep the others under a damp cloth. You will preserve its freshness and elasticity.

Roses of phyllo dough with dried fruit (doses for 12 people)
191826 "src =" "width =" 210 "style =" float: left;Very crunchy, golden at the right point and very sweet. Get yourself:
1 package of filo pastry – 100 g of butter – 100 g of toasted hazelnuts – 100 g of pistachios – 360 g of sugar – peel of 1 untreated orange

First step: for the roses, line the pan with parchment paper. Chop hazelnuts and pistachios e bring them together in a bowl with 60 g of sugar.
Second step: open the phyllo dough on the work surface e keep it blanket with a wet and well wrung cloth. Dissolve butter in a saucepan. Take a sheet of phyllo dough, brush it lightly butter, fold it in half, grease it again and sprinkle the dough with a tablespoon of dried fruit. Curled the dough with your fingers and then wrap it in a turban. Place the turban upright in the pan. Continue in the same way with the other sheets.
Third step: do it syrup. Bring to boiling 300 g of sugar, 3 dl of water and julienned orange peel and simmer for 6-7 minutes. Meanwhile, bake the roses at 200 ° for 30 minutes. Turn off and let it rest for 10 minutes, still in the oven.
Fourth step: remove the pan, generously wet the turbans with the prepared orange syrup and leave to rest for a few hours before serving.

Drink right
The phyllo is more delicate than the pastry, of which it does not have the fat element; to safeguard its crunchiness it is advisable to use light and sparkling wines to keep any greasiness at bay.

October 2021
Daniela Falsitta

Posted on 14/10/2021


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