Legumes: 5 unusual recipes and 5 unexpected tricks – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Legumes: 5 unusual recipes and 5 unexpected tricks

Yes, you can make anything with legumes: from ice cream to meringues, from meatballs to focaccia. Fabiola Di Sotto aka @fabiolavegmamy explains it veg mother with over 590 thousand followers – in her first book (Terrific vegetable cuisine, and. Vallardi). In recounting the benefits, tricks and over 110 recipes of vegan cuisine, in your book Fabiola which does not penalize taste, you obviously dedicate ample space to very healthy legumes. We asked her for some tricks to make the best use of them.

5 unexpected tricks with legumes

Don’t throw away the cooking water

«The cooking water of legumes, especially chickpeas, can be mounted. This is the now well-known aquafaba, which can for example be used instead of egg whites to make mayonnaise. Or even meringues, as demonstrated by the recipe below. «I also use it in ice creams and in sparkling wines. A very good one is prepared with peaches: blend them, add a little xanthan gum and finally gently mix the whipped aquafaba with the whisk. The important thing is that it is rich in saponins, a result that is obtained by cooking the legumes – strictly unhulled – in a limited quantity of water”, continues Fabiola Di Sotto. Cooking liquid of all varieties can also be used in any preparation, instead of water«to provide the body with more nutrients: from bread to cakes, from pizza to soups.

Add the beans to the mixtures

«Including cannellini beans in the dough, whether sweet or savory, allows you to give them greater softness and substance. They are perfect in chocolate salamifor example, but also in bread. Lentils are also extremely versatile and are particularly suitable for cakes: just blend them, obviously after cooking them, and add them to the other ingredients.”

Try pre-cooked legume flour

«It is an innovative product, which is obtained from previously boiled legumes and which offers a great advantage: we can use it immediately, without the long soaking necessary every time raw legume flour is used in order to rehydrate it and make it digestible. It is ideal for quick preparations such as velvety hey pancakes, mixed with other types of flour, which at that point may also require short cooking. To make it: blend the cooked legumes, dry the mixture completely in the air fryer or in the oven at 90°, turning it every now and then. Finally, blend again and sieve. Pre-cooked legume flour can be stored for several months.”

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