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Condé Nast initiatives to be close to readers

The brands of Condé Nast Italia launch new entertainment initiatives to be closer to user readers and valuable projects to support the communication of companies

The brands of Condé Nast Italy in a difficult moment for all, due to the spread of the coronavirus, continue to propose new initiatives to be closer to readers and users. All the media company titles are committing to use technology is content to offer, in safe conditions, information is entertainment quality.

Vanity Fair initiatives

Already from the first days of lockdown Vanity Fair proposed the live streaming schedule of #VFQuarantineStories, spin-off of the Vanity Fair Stories Festival. The daily schedule thus becomes a live magazine and ranges from morning to evening with show and entertainment characters, experts, curtains dedicated to the best female talents of Italian comedy, insights, fashion and beauty tips from the insiders, all narrated live Instagram and then available on the site and on YouTube. Many characters have already participated, including: Cesare Cremonini, Francesco Gabbani, Carlo Verdone, Cristiana Capotondi, Paola Turci, Levante, Fiorello, Elisa, Biagio Antonacci, Clio Make Up. In the coming days, among many others, Bugo, Vittoria Puccini and Valentina Vezzali will entertain the public.

The initiatives of Vogue Italia

There are various initiatives designed by Vogue Italia for his community. For the format Vogue Italia & Friends, promoted on his Instagram profile, a series of designers and models tell how they are spending the quarantine, how they have changed their routine and how they are working for the next season. Furthermore, given the close link between fashion and music, Vogue Italia offers Live Concerts on Instagram involving international artists such as James Righton and Joan Thiele. Ask Vogue Italia & Live Interview instead it allows the editorial staff to approach the public. Just the Vogue Italia team, its photographers, stylists and artists become the protagonists of a series of Live interviews on Instagram in which followers can actively participate with comments and questions. The first appointment will be this week with stylist Ibrahim Kamara followed by that with photographer Petra Collins. Photo Vogue Festival 2020 – All In This Together is the open call dedicated to the next edition of Photo Vogue Festival which will be dedicated to exploring the concept of community in all its forms. The scouting will take place via Photo Vogue and Instagram using the hashtag #VIallinthistogether. The search for talents does not stop: Sara Sozzani Maino together with the Vogue Talents team organized two sessions of Digital Portfolio Review scheduled for 25 and 27 March to allow interested designers to show their work from home.
Finally Vogue at Home: every day a photograph of the archive is shared which, by setting, atmosphere and styling, recalls staying at home, to reiterate the 'Stay home with Vogue Italia' concept.

GQ initiatives

GQ proposes the initiative GQ Telephone Home, a schedule of Instagram live shows that to date has involved actors, show business and sports personalities such as Raoul Bova, Luca Argentero, Federica Brignone, Michelle Hunziker, Tomaso Trussardi and Hervé Barmasse. The next events will feature Matteo Zoppas, Sergio Dompé, Michele Pontecorvo and Arturo Muselli as protagonists. Instead, it was launched on the website #GQNOICISIAMO, an editorial momentum that aims to listen to the communication needs of customers and brands that have always believed in the magazine and to testify that the desire for business communication and consumer information is still strong.

The initiatives of AD

TO launched a new format to entertain the audience during the lockdown: #ADMyPrivateRoom. A virtual tour in the homes of architects, interior designers, stylists, social talents and creatives that allow the AD community to enter their favorite rooms. The first date was with Paolo Stella.
#AskAD it is instead the section dedicated to users' questions addressed to designers and industry experts. The first appointment saw the involvement of the architect and designer Maddalena Casadei.

Traveler's initiatives

#TravellerLovesItaly is a challenge launched by Traveler. Users were asked to publish a story, a video or a post from their favorite places in Italy, thus allowing them to become "directors" of a love letter to our country which will be published on Traveler channels, and which is accompanied, in Italian and English, by the magical voice of Pierfrancesco Favino.

The initiatives of La Cucina Italiana

many recipes reassuring, short for those who can no longer cook, long for those who need to entertain the little ones: this is what users can find on the website of The Italian kitchen. In addition to many insights on the topic of spending, but not only. To keep company too directed: at 11 with interviews with the chefs of The Italian Cuisine School to reveal some tricks or cook the recipes of the newspaper. At 17.30 with the Director Maddalena Fossati who entertains the public with the heading Dinner time in the company of the starred chefs. In recent days, they have recounted the preparations for their dinner: Chicco Cerea, Davide Oldani, Carlo Cracco, Massimo Bottura, Enrico Bartolini and Antonio Guida.

Wired's initiatives

"What do we know and (above all) what we don't know about the new coronavirus pandemic?" is the question to which Wired wants to respond with the creation of the video format in which different experts tell the points of view of science. It's about video interviews which can be viewed on the website, or on the official pages of Wired on Facebook and Instagram. Among the first guests involved: Andrea Cossarizza, immunologist of the University of Modena; Pier Luigi Lopalco, epidemiologist of the University of Pisa; Fabrizio Pregliasco, hygienist of the University of Milan; Walter Ricciardi, councilor of the Ministry of Health. Wired also continues with the production of Podcasts. Every day at 7 pm an in-depth analysis is published related to the epidemic in progress in Italy and worldwide. The live streaming interviews on Instagram tell instead how the world of work is changing with (and after) Coronavirus. The first appointment saw the participation of Mariano Corso, scientific manager of the Smart Working Observatory while, on Thursday 26 March at 1.45 pm, Monica Magri, Group HR & Organization Director The Adecco Group Italy will be hosted.

Experience Is initiatives

Experience Is, the Condé Nast Italia property dedicated to Generation Z, in this difficult moment for everyone, is even closer to its audience. Following the theory of #SHARINGISCARING, in the Instagram stories he shared a template that allows users to share tips. Orosco-MOVIE instead, he suggests films for each zodiac sign and Doctor InstAmore explains how to manage love remotely. sexline #STAYATHOME talks about masturbation and sex toys at the time of the quarantine. The reference artists of the Z generation will instead tell each other in a collective diary to narrate this period of isolation. On Experience Is you can also discover recipes for beauty treatments to be done at home with natural ingredients. There is no shortage of advice from specialists who help us face this period: a life coach responds directly to users' questions and offers free personal advice. A naturopath suggests meditations and a diet designed to find serenity and strengthen the immune system.

Condé Nast Social Talent Agency

Finally, Condé Nast Social Talent Agency – agency dedicated to Social Media Talent Management and which currently includes 30 talents – launches on its Instagram page, starting next week, #CNSTAinsiemeper: a schedule of events dedicated to entertainment. A series of live broadcasts that will live on the talent channels and that will be collected on the CNSTA Instagram page. Users will thus be able to follow Nataly Osmann's yoga lessons, advice on how to prepare a happy hour with Barù, find out more about the world of tailoring with Fabio Attanasio and that of digital marketing with Dario Vignali, follow Make-up tutorials and much more.

The results of the Condé Nast Italia initiatives

The results of the actions implemented by the Condé Nast brands were appreciated by the public who responded positively to the initiatives proposed by the publishing house.

The live Instagram broadcasts transmitted by all the properties to entertain users, and to support the decree of the President of the Council of Ministers #I stay at home, have in fact totaled to date 872k views.

Also joining the project of Digital Solidarity promoted by the Ministry for Technological Innovation and Digitization, Condé Nast Italia has made available for free for 3 months digital copies of all newspapers. The activations of the initiatives 4YOU to date there have been 76,600, in detail: Vanity Fair 12,300; Vogue 13,000; Italian Cuisine 12.500; Wired 6,700; Traveler 5,200; GQ 2,800; AD 5,700; Digital Courses of La Scuola De La Cucina Italiana 8.300; Vogue Archive 10.100.
The social relaunches on all the group's properties in support of the initiative recorded over 1.6 million imps, of which + 700k imps from VARCHIVE4YOU, 300k from CORSILCI4YOU and 650k imps from all the 4YOU component.

The month of March also sees strong growth of traffic on all Condé Nast sites, with Vanity Fair, Wired, GQ and La Cucina Italiana preparing to surpass their respective record of traffic. The sites are growing both compared to February 2020 and compared to the same month of 2019: Vanity Fair + 27% YoY and + 9% MoM, Vogue + 37% YoY and + 9% MoM, Wired + 79% YoY and + 42% MoM, GQ + 136% YoY and + 58% MoM, Italian Cuisine + 29% YoY and + 30% MoM.

The social profiles of the Condé Nast properties total 17.2 MIO between fans and followers (+ 8% YOY).

Finally, the initiatives relating to the last issue of Vanity Fair #iosonomilano # iosonolamiacittà is #iloveitalia, which involved over 600 show business personalities, achieved a total engagement of over 3,5 MIO.

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