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Condé Nast Italia brands enrich the digital schedule – Italian Cuisine

Condé Nast Italia brands enrich the digital schedule

All the new digital entertainment initiatives by Condé Nast Italia: from our direct on Instagram to the Vanity Fair and GQ schedule

The brands of Condé Nast Italy enrich the digital schedule and launch new initiatives for readers and users. New formats that are proposed as a tool for discussion, reflection and entertainment for the community.


The Italian kitchen entertains its readers and users with 2 appointments a week, on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The first sees the involvement of The School of Italian Cuisine: the chefs will prepare the recipes of the La Scuola delivery menu live and will give advice on professional cooking techniques applied to home recipes. The second is instead dedicated to Italian excellence: the protagonists will be the food artisans, restaurateurs, wine producers, with a focus on the theme of e-commerce and delivery. The first appointment scheduled today features the chefs of La Scuola, Thursday will be there as a guest Marco Magnocavallo of Tannico and next week the journey to discover the excellence of the territory will continue. Also The Italian Cuisine USA continues his live instagram schedule with show cooking and talks to learn about the main ingredients for Thanksgiving and Christmas.


With its new initiatives Vanity Fair wants to continue to be the correct and contemporary narration of our reality through stories, emotions and debate. After #VFQuarantineStories, spin off of the Vanity Fair Stories festival, launched during the first lockdown, the Condé Nast Italia weekly directed by Simone Marchetti, wants to continue the dialogue and the relationship thanks to the format #VanityFairDebate. Evolution of Quarantine Stories, the new format is proposed as a tool for discussion on topical issues and as a container of stories that can inspire and entertain the community. The format consists of three weekly appointments: Instagram direct organized every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Monday as an antidote to blue Monday, with interviews with people who inspire you to change your life by bringing examples of transformation. The appointment of Wednesday will see a journalist from the editorial staff of Vanity Fair in conversation with a character to tell and deepen the themes of the issue on newsstands. The Friday instead it will be dedicated to current events and will be discussed with experts and celebrities. The first appointments saw the participation of Maura Gancitano, Paolo Volterra and Francesca Schiavone, today Wednesday 18 November is the protagonist Teresa Guccini.


GQ Italy launch instead #GQVoice: 6 weekly Instagram direct between 4 and 6 pm – two on Mondays, two on Wednesday and two the Friday – dedicated to the world of male passions. The themes will be: sport, explored through sports tutoring and testimonials from champions; fancy and then style, men's wardrobe, toys, vision of consumption, beauty, watch; gaming, to explore the world of video games also through the voices of fans of the sector. After the participation of Gianluca Gazzoli, today the schedule has as protagonists Andrea Erati and Jacopo De Carli which will follow in the coming days Danilo Gallinari, Max Sirena, Marco Belinelli, Alessandro Sartori.


Experience Is, a brand directed to the Generation Z of Condé Nast Italia, every Wednesday entertains its users with a live on its Instagram channel: #WednesdayLive is the weekly appointment in which the editorial director Francesca Zaccagnini meets the most loved young talents of music, art and entertainment on social networks, from Depressetti drawings, illustrator with over 100 thousand followers and already author of a column on the magazine's website, a Beatrice Bruschi, leading actress of the last season of Skam Italia, the cult TV series for under 30s.

The initiatives confirm Condé Nast Italia's commitment to use technology and content to offer readers and users quality information and entertainment.

Condé Nast Italia, with Pinterest for the production of video content – Italian Cuisine

Condé Nast Italia, with Pinterest for the production of video content

Condé Nast Italia is the first publisher in Italy to collaborate with Pinterest for the production of video content within the Original Content Program

Condé Nast Italia, multimedia communication company that has always paid attention to the quality of content, confirms once again anticipating the times, becoming the first publishing group in Italy to collaborate with Pinterest for the production of video content, involving its main brands such as Vogue Italia , Vanity Fair, GQ, AD, La Cucina Italiana and Wired, as part of the Original Content Program.
The Group's social platforms have a total fan and follower base of 17.8 million, while the respective websites reach 30.6 million unique visitors every month with over 160 million pages visited.

Each video produced by Condé Nast Italia for the Original Content Program, will be based on in-depth analyzes on the Pinterest public which indicate what people are looking for and saving on their message boards. Since people go to Pinterest to make plans, look for ideas to try or products to buy, the in-depth data allow you to have an intuitive overview of emerging trends.
"We strongly believe in the production of original content for users of our properties and together with Pinterest we take another step forward towards the creation of quality and impact short-videos" says Roberta Cianetti, Social Media Director of Condé Nast Italia. "The Original Content Program was born with the aim of responding to the search for inspiration from Pinterest users and we are excited to embrace this new challenge through creative video content that express the inimitable DNA of Condé Nast Italia".

Pinterest is a visual discovery app, used by more than 367 million people looking for inspiration for their daily lives. Users use it at all times of life, for example to find ideas of fashion and beauty to experiment, ideas for decorating the home or new destinations for dream holidays. Pinterest users show great interest in video content as they help bring their inspiration to life. Over the past year, his video audience has increased sixfold.

Condé Nast presents the first global assessment on carbon emissions and launches the glossary of sustainable fashion – Italian Cuisine

Condé Nast presents the first global assessment on carbon emissions and launches the glossary of sustainable fashion

The company aims to achieve the zero emissions target by 2030, 20 years earlier than the Paris agreement. In addition, by the end of 2021 it will only use internationally certified paper, while by 2025 it will end the use of disposable plastic packaging

Condé Nast has announced the next phase of its long-term global sustainability commitment by sharing its own sustainability assessment and five-year strategy. The company aims to completely eliminate emissions by 2030. To begin with, by 2021 Condé Nast will undertake to reduce by 20% the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced by the company and by 10% those deriving from the digital and paper supply chain.

«In Condé Nast we believe that the health of people, our businesses and the planet is intertwined. We cannot worry about one and ignore the other. We also think that the credibility of our environmental journalism depends on our will, as a company, to improve our activities and our distribution chain in order to drastically reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and waste. Our five-year sustainability strategy demonstrates the commitment of our teams on all continents to lead by example, to work with our sector partners and to use the global influence of our brands to inspire collective action established Wolfgang Blau, Chief Operating Officer and International President of Condé Nast.

Condé Nast's five-year sustainability strategy involves all areas of the business, with the ultimate goal of mitigating its global ecological footprint by reducing emissions or, if not possible, the respective compensation. The company also aims to encourage consumers to take concrete climate actions, as well as to promote the adoption of positive changes throughout the supply chain with their partners. The strategy and the resulting measures concern four fundamental areas of intervention:

Reduction of emissions

Condé Nast aims to achieve the zero emissions target by 2030. To begin with, by the end of 2021 it will commit to reducing the emissions produced by the company by 20% and those deriving from the supply chain by 10%. In this way, Condé Nast will establish itself as one of the first publishing houses to take responsibility for the ecological footprint of its digital value chain.

Participation of suppliers

Condé Nast will collaborate with the actors involved in the entire supply chain to promote a more sustainable publishing sector, reviewing its procurement processes and promoting initiatives sponsored by the sector. The first step will be a transition towards the use of more sustainable materials throughout the entire production process, as well as the adoption of energy efficient alternatives.

Greater use of sustainable materials

By the end of 2021, Condé Nast will complete its transition process towards the exclusive use of internationally certified paper. As part of the company's commitment to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, by 2025 Condé Nast will abolish the use of any non-recyclable plastic packaging of fossil origin from publications distributed in all its markets.

Promoting change

Condé Nast aims to establish its brands as reference voices in defense of the cause of sustainability, establishing transparency standards on issues related to climate change and responsible fashion. With this in mind, the company launches the Glossary of sustainable fashion, an authoritative global resource for understanding sustainable fashion and the role of the fashion industry in the climate emergency. In addition, the company will continue to collaborate with industry partners in the context of the UNFCCC's Fashion for Global Climate Action initiative, pursuing the common goal of promoting large-scale climate action.

Results of the sustainability assessment

Condé Nast's first assessment of greenhouse gas emissions and the use of materials took into consideration the company structures present in all 12 of its markets, the entire supply chain and the use of paper and packaging in plastic in the production of magazines. The evaluation revealed the following:

In 2018, Condé Nast generated GHES emissions of ~ 341,233 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). Of these, 8% derive from the company's work and 92% from the supply chain.

96% of the 35,000 tons of paper used in 2018 has been fully certified through the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

In 2018 they were used 440 tons of disposable plastic for packaging magazines.

Condé Nast's detailed sustainability assessment is available on condenast.com/sustainability-strategy.

In 2019, Condé Nast became the first media company to sign the Fashion Industry Charter for Global Climate Action and has declared its commitment in theEllen MacArthur Foundation New Plastics Economy Global Commitment.

Condé Nast launches the glossary of sustainable fashion

Today Condé Nast is pleased to announce the launch of the Glossary of Sustainable Fashion [di Condé Nast], a global and authoritative resource for information on sustainable fashion and the role of the fashion industry in the climate emergency. The Glossary is part of the commitment to encourage change made by the company and was created with the aim of strengthening and developing an understanding of the concept of sustainability, providing a reading key for interpreting terms and themes of growing importance in the context of sustainability.

The Glossary of Sustainable Fashion is the product of a partnership with the Center for Sustainable Fashion (CSF) of London College of Fashion, under the University of the Arts London (UAL), enriched by the contribution of the editors of Vogue and refined by the review work carried out by an international network of sustainability researchers and researchers. It is the result of exemplary research and training practices worldwide, built on the academic rigor and the unique and unparalleled perspective of Condé Nast on the fashion sector.

What is the Sustainable Fashion Glossary signed by Condé Nast

A guide easy to consult, divided into categories related to sustainability in fashion: culture, materials, production, purchasing habits and care practices.

A digital resource, open to all and available on condenast.com.

It Contains over 250 terms, complete with references for further reading.

Divided into four thematic areas key: climate emergency; environmental impact of fashion; economic impact, cultural is social of fashion e basics fashion and sustainability, with the addition of 10 areas under themes that deal with some must-know aspects of fashion and sustainability.

Regularly updated with new definitions to reflect the evolution of the debate on climate emergency, fashion and social change.

«Carrying out awareness on the climate change crisis is fundamental, but now it has become equally important to advance the global climate debate and focus on feasible solutions. In the context of the debate on how to make fashion more sustainable, I believe that in our sector it is necessary to have a shared language and a series of scientifically accurate definitions to which we can refer. With the help of our partner researchers, we will continue to update our glossary, "he says Wolfgang Blau, Global Chief Operating Officer and International President of Condé Nast.

The Glossary was conceived in response to the need identified by the editors of Vogue to develop more solid editorial guidelines and training resources to guide the dissemination of sustainable fashion. Some of the most popular media brands of Condé Nast, including Vogue, GQ, Wired is Vanity Fair, focus their content on the issue of climate change and on educating the reader towards a more sustainable lifestyle. The Glossary presents itself as an ally of editorial teams and readers from around the world, while strengthening the company's authority as a reference voice in the public debate on sustainability.

«What we deal with should reflect what we believe in. It's time to ask if we are well represented, as well as well presented. We have in our hands the opportunity to start a new era of beauty and style, born from the understanding and intimate connection with our most precious asset: the earth, the most extraordinary designer the world has ever seen. Working together with the editors of Vogue – the most influential voices in the world of fashion – we were able to shape a priceless glossary, an authoritative reference point, which represents the profound interdependence relationship that binds man to nature and his fellows, "he declares Dilys Williams, Professor of Fashion Design for Sustainability and Director of the Center for Sustainable Fashion.

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