Spending without waste in quarantine: how to do it – Italian Cuisine

From the supply of frozen foods to the calories to be reduced, the advice of the Crea experts to face these Coronavirus emergency days

In the midst of the emergency of Coronavirus for our own health and that of others, we are asked to stay home. You can go out for do the shopping, but this opportunity should not become an excuse to take a walk and take a breath of fresh air, on the contrary: common sense suggests that we reduce the steps to a minimum supermarket or the grocery store under the house. For this reason it is essential to organize well: fill the trolley with the necessary for at least a week, but also be careful not to overdo the stocks, especially of fresh products, for avoid waste.


How to make a healthy and anti-waste shopping

In the past few days, Stefania Ruggeri, of the Crea Food and Nutrition Research Center, gave, through the Ansa, some tips for healthy, anti-waste shopping in quarantine. On the one hand, infati, the risk is that the food deteriorates before being able to consume it; on the other, staying at home and eating so badly increases the extra pounds. THE frozen foods are they a good idea? How can hunger be broken with healthy snacks? What should we buy in limited quantities and what foods can we stock?

Find all the answers in the gallery with the expert's advice

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