Next Up: An Old Potato Recipe That Has Nothing To Do With Golf

I hope you all enjoyed as nice a Father’s Day weekend as I
did. I got to take in a baseball game, fireworks, and golf with my
father-in-law, Al, who shot a masterful 78 at the Wildhorse Golf Club. 

It was a
lot of fun to watch, and I came in a very close second…with a score of 97. If
you had any fears that I might quit doing this blog to compete on the senior
golf tour, you can relax.

Anyway, I wish I could think of a clever way to segue from
golf on Father’s Day to the next video, but I can’t (if we’d played “skins” during the round I
would have had a better chance).  So,
I’ll simply say, our new video features a very old recipe, Fondant Potatoes. Stay

This recipe has already been read 433 times!

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