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The rebirth of Porta Palazzo: Turin Central Market, Gallina Fish Shop and Resale 2 – Italian Cuisine

The rebirth of Porta Palazzo: Turin Central Market, Gallina Fish Shop and Resale 2

Lots of new openings in Turin. Today we tell you what is happening in the Porta Palazzo neighborhood, a source of ideas and social inclusion and a new food and wine district.

The ferment for the new city openings does not stop. Rather. Turin has never been as gastronomically active as in recent months. The city is literally exploding with events for the inauguration of new restaurants, bistros and cafes. New life and new beautiful projects are coming to light in these days.
Today we will discover three new realities, including the opening of the Central Market Turin of Saturday 13 April.

Central Market comes from an idea by Umberto Montano and the Cardini-Vannucchi family and follows the previous openings in Florence, in 2014 in the historic market of San Lorenzo and Rome in 2016, inside the Termini Station. In Turin, Porta Palazzo, the home of the largest outdoor market in Europe, comes to life in an area that is the cradle of urban multiculturalism. In fact it is located just a few meters from the Market and with the market shares this majestic and beautiful square. The project is part of the new redevelopment of the Porta palazzo district, where other young entrepreneurs are investing money and resources.
For the Central Market the economic investment was important, 6 million euros and 6 months of work, inside 26 artisan shops, a mill, a didactic area and a roasting. A complete schedule of events until the end of 2019, which has around 350.

The social aggregation, the inclusion, are at the base of the Central Market project, which does not want to be just a place to go to eat or do the shopping, but which wants to become the new cultural pole of the city, like a big square of market where everyone gets together, meet, talk in all languages.
Upon entering we are greeted by an unmistakable aroma, that of freshly baked bread, thanks to Raffaele D’Errico and the bread of Porta Palazzo, prepared with Viva La Farina flour and where it will be possible to select the blend to prepare a unique bread.
Continuing the tour we discover the Cheeses of Beppino Occelli, which will also follow the Educational Cheese Workshop (open from May with the Lorenzo de 'Medici Cooking School led by Carla and Fabrizio Guarducci and the didactic Roasting by Franco Mondi).
Alberto Marchetti's award-winning ice creams, Stefano Callegari's Trapizzino with traditional Roman recipes, we choose one of all, the delicious chicken cacciatore. I Maestri di Cucina with Davide Scabin and his Carbone Bianco and exclusive cooking made with charcoal for meat, eggs, vegetables and soups. The Pharmacy of the Change, with the direction of Matteo Baronetto and the traditional Piedmontese dishes, Marcello Trentini (Magorabin) in a healthy version with the Green Fairy, a brand new 100% Green format, including fruit and vegetable extracts and a delicious vegetarian menu.
Then the proposals by Savini Tartufi, the chianina burger by Enrico lagorio, the Girarrosto with free-range chickens by Alessandro Baronti, the fresh Piedmontese pasta by Egidio Michelis and the Cortilia experiment, the online agricultural market that for the first time proposes a physical store.
There are many gastronomic experiences to do and, as they say at the Mercato Centrale Torino, there is no taste to tell it. Come, see and taste.
Mercato Centrale Torino, open 364 days a year, from 8am to midnight

Fish market Gallina patron Beppe Gallina
He was among the first to believe in this neighborhood, when he decided to invest in a new fish counter, his historian Banco No. 2 at the Porta Palazzo Fish Market (which boasts a century-long history, since 1920, four generations of fishmongers) moved from the fish market to a new place right next to the farmers' market, beyond the square, inserting a small bistro dedicated to fish cuisine, cooking with the catch of the day inside the fish market. Now Beppe Gallina doubles and hits the mark, with the new evening opening in a larger room, next to the Pescheria, which replicates the lucky one lunch package at € 15 all inclusive, without reservation. To be able to sit at the Pescheria Gallina table (do not call it a restaurant!) You will have to be armed with a lot of patience and stand in line to be able to grab a table, both for lunch (in the fish shop) and for dinner, in the new one just next to. In practice, the fish market is doubled, with a soul day and night. To satisfy all the greedy ones. Always open, except on Wednesdays for dinner, to allow the kitchen brigade to set up the room and the line and take a breath of air. We advise you not to miss out on a taste of the kitchen of the Pescheria (the mixed fried fish is fabulous), because it is always a nice meal.
In the Bistrot of Beppe Gallina, from April 1st, plastic bottles are banned. Water on tap is offered to all customers, to market workers and to those who go to Porta Palazzo to do the shopping. The revolutions start from the bottom and we hope that many will take the initiative of Gallina to change mentality and fight the use of plastic in restaurants.
Fish market Gallina
piazza della Repubblica, 14b – Turin

Resale 2 of the Republic and similar times
Davide Pinto, after Affini in San Salvario, one of the most loved and well-known venues for fine cocktails and quality tapas, inaugurates Resale 2 in Piazza della Repubblica No. 3, in the clubs that saw the birth of the Central coffee in 1926.
Porta Palazzo is reborn, changes its face focusing on hospitality and food, Rivendita 2 opens in that portion of the square that is reminiscent of Paris and its small cafes, bistros, zinc tables and Pastis glasses. The Resale offer starts early in the morning, at 6.30 am with breakfast, in collaboration with Gocce di Cioccolato, a well-known Turin roaster, which personally selects the microlots of single origin coffee between Honduras and Brazil. The lunch break (like all the gastronomic offer) is entrusted to the expert hands of Yari Sity, Affini chef, who will be inspired by the market stalls, including sweet and savory dishes, vegetarian and omnivorous. For a 360 ° taste experience that crosses the whole world, with multi-ethnic contaminations also in the kitchen. After breakfast and lunch, continue with the afternoon snack and pre dinner cocktails. The suppliers of the Resale have been chosen among the Masters of Taste of Turin, which selects the excellence in the area.
Davide Pinto has decided to say no to plastic: to resell no crockery, straws or plastic cups, but only 100% biodegradable products, to minimize the environmental impact.

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