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Why did Britney Spears post a photo of a salt watermelon? – Italian Cuisine

Why did Britney Spears post a photo of a salt watermelon?

Britney Spears posted on Instagram this mysterious photo of awatermelon.

The description is as follows: "Watermelon … and salt ". In the comments, the fans went wild: what did he mean by this enigmatic post?

Some say it has something to do with one new song soon coming out, while others have imagined that it's his diet. After all, Britney is very keen on sharing her sports and eating habits with her followers.

Lately, the American pop star is definitely furious at paparazzi for some shots stolen while he was at sea. Britney accused the photographers of having somehow modified the images to make her look more robust and later posted videos to show her perfect beach physique. Will it be to lose weight that Britney only eats watermelon with a pinch of salt?

Watermelon with salt: can it be?

It may seem strange season the watermelon with salt, but in reality it is not completely. A pinch of salt helps intensify the sweetness, just like you do in the preparation of desserts.

Furthermore, watermelon blends perfectly with the savory taste of ingredients such as Ham, the feta, but also the fish. You can even cook grilled and serve as a side dish or aperitif, to give it an original twist. In short, watermelon is definitely one of the summer foods: it is fresh, healthy and perfect for diets, even in savory recipes. We advise Britney not to eat it only with a pinch of salt, but to try ours too watermelon salads below.

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