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If watermelon appeared in your dreams last night it could be a good sign!

It is not difficult to understand the meaning that we unconsciously associate with this fruit: just think of its spherical shape, which reminds the belly of a pregnant woman. In popular belief, dreaming of watermelon confirms the fact pregnancy.

Also colors they offer us a key to reading: color red is a symbol of love and passion, while the green of nature and growth.

Dreaming of watermelon then indicates Eros is pleasure, contentment is wealth, but also hope for the future, feel like sow to reap the benefits. It is therefore a predominant premonition positive, but there are some differences to keep in mind.

Dreaming of watermelon: differences between men and women

For a man, dreaming of a watermelon can symbolize falling in love and attraction for a woman. With its references to pregnancy, dream of watermelon for one woman can indicate instead the desire for pregnancy, but also projects and ideas that are taking shape.

Dreaming of eating watermelon

Dreaming of eating watermelon can have a double meaning, to be identified based on personal experiences.

It can be interpreted primarily in the sense positive, indicating satisfaction: cut the watermelon represents the commitment to bring something to an end, while watermelon slices they are the confirmation of the realization of a loving desire or of the achievement of a goal.

Watermelon is par excellence the fruit ofsummer, fresh and thirst quenching. In negative can therefore be dreamed of as a response to excessive heat, represent thirst or need of holidays, relaxation and friends.

Dreaming of broken watermelon or march

THE'watermelon broken or gone bad has certainly a negative meaning: the breaking of a balance, a failed project or the fear that you will not succeed in bringing it to an end. A finite love or lack of desire.

Finally, colors are also important. Dreaming of a color watermelon intense red represents passion, while you have dreamed of the part white binds more to one disappointment.

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