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Ice cream cake with watermelon and yogurt – Italian Cuisine

Ice cream cake with watermelon and yogurt

If you are looking for a spoon dessert, fresh and light and based on fruit, this one ice cream cake with watermelon and yogurt is the one for you.
We will call her ice cream cake even if the ice cream isn't actually there, but the consistency is exactly the same.

Frozen yogurt

This dessert is nothing more than a frozen yogurt covered with one iced layer of watermelon.
It is super light if you sweeten it a little and very nutritious, perfect for both an after dinner and a snack.
To prepare the frozen yogurt base you simply need to mix 500 g of white Greek yogurt with 5 tablespoons of honey and a tablespoon of coconut oil.
Put the mixture in the freezer and mix it every half hour for about three hours.
Coconut oil helps keep the consistency creamy, but if you don't have it, it doesn't matter.

Frozen watermelon

The second layer is a kind of watermelon granita that is prepared by blending 400 g of watermelon deprived of seeds with 100 g of sugar and the juice of half a lemon.
Put this mixture in the freezer as well and, as with yogurt, stir every half hour for three hours.

How to make the cake

Once you have two fairly creamy frozen compounds, pour the one with the watermelon inside one loaf pan coated with cling film and then the yogurt one. Store in the freezer again for another three hours and then take the ice cream cake out of the mold, turn it upside down on a serving tray so that the white layer is at the base and decorate it with fresh mint leaves.
It should be served in slices, obviously cold, with a little honey or a handful of chopped almonds with a knife.
It is best to take it out of the freezer a few minutes earlier to let it soften a bit.

Chocolate seeds

To make the watermelon layer very similar to a slice of watermelon and even more delicious, we suggest you add some dark chocolate chips which will look like the seeds of the fruit.
You can also do this in the yogurt layer, of course!

Biscuit base

This very simple ice cream cake can also become one frozen cheesecake if you put gods at the base chopped cookies with almonds or walnuts and mixed with coconut butter.

Creepy watermelon! – The Italian kitchen – Italian Cuisine

Creepy watermelon! - The Italian kitchen

Cubes, slushes, ice lollies: icy ideas to enjoy watermelon all summer

You are addict of watermelon in summer?
Here are some ideas to consume it in an unusual and very refreshing way.
Get ready for a chill of cold.

Watermelon juice

If you have never tried it, now is the right time.
There is nothing easier than doing the watermelon juice because it is prepared simply by blending a slice of watermelon without seeds.
It is not necessary to use a centrifuge because this fruit is very rich in water and has few fibers.
You don't even need to add sweeteners because it's naturally sweet.
It tastes great served with ice cubes and mint leaves. You can turn it into a delicious one cocktail by adding iced vodka.

Iced cubes of watermelon

Have you ever thought of flavoring your cocktails or simply water sparkling with watermelon?
Pour the juice in the ice pan previously prepared and leave to cool in the freezer for a few hours.
In this way you will get small ice lollies, also excellent for cooling down in moments of excessive heat.

Watermelon granita

With these frozen watermelon-flavored cubes you can make many things, for example granita.
It is a very homemade and light granita, made only with watermelon.
So blend the cubes in a fairly powerful and resistant food processor and serve immediately.
The consistency is more like that of an ice cream, but it is in fact a granita.
If you want to sweeten it, add some agave syrup, but you really don't need it.

Watermelon popsicles

Always with watermelon juice you can prepare some icicles delicious, excellent for a snack for the whole family.
If you want to make them creamier, add to the mixture Greek yogurt and a spoonful of honey.

Watermelons on a stick

The funniest popsicle of the summer not only has the taste of watermelon, but also the appearance. Serve thewatermelon on the stick so!
Pour a cream prepared by blending into the base of the 6 popsicle mold 75 g of Greek yogurt and three kiwis.
It will represent the green part of the peel. Leave in the freezer for half an hour.
Go ahead with an ever thin layer of plain yogurt and leave in the freezer again.
It will represent the part between the peel and the pulp.
Then add the juice of 200 g of watermelon mixed with 100 g of Greek yogurt and of chocolate chips che will look like the seeds. This is the thickest layer and will represent the pulp.
Leave to rest in the freezer for another three hours and at the end when you take the sticks out of the molds you will be amazed by the beauty of this popsicle.

Watermelon and almond tower – Italian Cuisine

Watermelon and almond tower

Have you ever thought about putting the watermelon in a cream dessert with even a crunchy part?
We have a delicious idea in mind biscuit and watermelon tower, to bring to the table that will leave everyone speechless.

Turret of biscuits and fruit

This dessert is simply a masterpiece because alternate a layer of almond biscuit super crumbly, cream and watermelon.
Fresh, light, delicate, it is perfect for hot summer evenings and also very simple to prepare.
The contrast of textures and flavors will conquer you, we are sure.

Almond biscuit

This turret has one or two layers of almond biscuit, but this is not a classic shortbread.
It is prepared withegg white and has a particularly friable consistency similar to that of one Meringue, of a Macaron or a ugly but good.
The interesting thing, however, is that it does not get wet with the moisture of the fruit, but remains fairly compact.
How do you prepare it?


180 g of almond flour
50 g icing sugar
30 g of fine brown sugar
1/2 sachet of baking powder
1 egg white
1 pinch of salt


Proceed by mixing the flour, sugars and baking powder and whisk the egg white with a pinch of salt.
Add everything gently and form a loaf that must rest in the refrigerator wrapped in plastic wrap for an hour.
Roll out the dough not too thinly and then cut it out with a pastry cutter.
Bake in a static oven at 180 ° for 20 minutes and then leave to cool thoroughly.

How to make the watermelon layer

It is very simple to make the watermelon layer because it is enough cut a medium-sized watermelon into section obtaining a slice that is not too thick to be cut into several parts with the same cookie cutters.
The very important thing to do is eliminate the seeds because we certainly would not want to feel them under our teeth while we enjoy our dessert. So arm yourself with lots of patience and tweezers and clean all the slices well.

How to make the cream layer

You can make a choice between mascarpone and yogurt, but the basis is always of whipped Cream because it is important that it is soft, voluminous and firm. Then decide whether to whip the same amount of fresh cream and yogurt together or cream and mascarpone.
To sweeten the cream, use the icing sugar adding little by little until you reach the taste you prefer, but consider that the biscuit is already sweet enough and the fruit too.

How to assemble and decorate the turret

Arrange the layers of biscuit and watermelon alternating with the cream and complete everything with cream and strawberries if you want to keep red as the only color, or play with creativity and use a mix of colorful seasonal fruit and then some toasted flaked almonds to recall the biscuit and to give it a little more crunchiness.
To get perfect turrets, help yourself with the coppapasta.
Put the biscuit at the base, then the cream, the watermelon, the biscuit again and finally the cream and gently pull out the pastry cutter to maintain the shape of the turret. You can of course also use a rectangular or square pastry pan.

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