Green Bean Frittata – Recipe Bean Frittata – Italian Cuisine

There green beans omelette it is, like all omelette recipes, very easy to do. This is a very normal one vegetable omelette, just like that of potatoes, zucchini or peppers. You can prepare it from scratch, as I did in this case, but you can also use this recipe simply to dispose of the advanced green beans, whether in salads, with tomatoes or simply blanched. You can bake it like me or fry it in a pan with a little oil.
You can serve it as a main course or, accompanied by a couple of bruschettas or a tasty potato salad, as a main course different from the usual. In short, a simple but versatile recipe, let me know how you prepare it and serve it;) Girls I run away and throw myself in the kitchen, I have quite a few summer recipes to prepare, basins for those who pass by here: *

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