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what to drink and eat to get drunk

Hangover: was the awakening traumatic after yesterday's party? Here are some tips for relieving hangovers (and false myths to dispel)

The party was beautiful, okay, but now you have to deal with the consequences. Exaggerating a bit with alcohol means only one thing: hangover, a nice mix of headache, nausea, tiredness, dehydration and dizziness.

The first thing you do is go online and type "remedies for hangover ", looking for a miraculous combination of food is drinks that can magically eliminate the symptoms of the hangover. Unfortunately, however, there is no real cure for hangover: in addition to varying from person to person, the consequences also depend on the types and quality of the alcohol ingested (for example, the alcohol in beer is absorbed more slowly than that of wine).

Hangover: what to do to avoid symptoms

Although the only real cure for the hangover is drink in moderationtechniques can be used to limit damage before it is too late.

First of all, the basic rule # 1 is never drink on an empty stomach. Drinking alcohol on a full stomach reduces damage to the body, causing ethanol to be absorbed more slowly and the amount circulating in the blood to be reduced.

Alcohol also has a diuretic action, promoting the elimination of water. For avoid dehydration and to slow down the absorption of alcohol it is appropriate to alternate with the intake of alcoholic beverages also so much water.

Foods against hangover: false myths or truths?

They really exist ingredients or recipes able to cure the hangover? Around the world there are several theories. In the United States it goes by Prairie Oyster, also called corpse-reviver (resuscitation-corpses): a cocktail based on raw eggs, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper and tomato juice, to be drunk with a sip to make the headache disappear. In Japan the ancient remedy is called Umeboshi, or pickled plums and green tea, while in France it is eaten onion soup.

There are also those who argue that continuing to drink reduces the hangover, as in Germany with Konterbier, the beer of the next day. Drinking other alcoholic beverages could provide temporary relief, as the aftereffects occur when the blood alcohol level starts to drop, but this will only postpone the actual hangover.

There is no scientific evidence to support these remedies, but there are certainly some ingredients that can relieve the symptoms of a hangover, helping the body to rehydrate, recover the lost electrolytes and regain energy. Better to avoid complex preparations or difficult to digest. And the famous coffee? Of course, it helps to wake up, but it could irritate the stomach and further dehydrate the body. The same goes for citrus fruits, spices or too fatty foods. What is better to eat then? Look in the gallery at the top 9 foods against the hangover and then take a refreshing sleep.

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