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the best game restaurant, Siena

The Sienese are used to challenges. And going from the palio to the kitchen is an instant. But the best game restaurant in Siena is decided by chef Borghese

Not only palio and districts: a Siena the challenge among restaurateurs has also started. The cuisine of the city was the protagonist of the episode of December 19 from Alessandro Borghese 4 Restaurants: this time the chef, aboard his black van, went in search of the best restaurant in game of the Tuscan capital.

The Borghese restaurateurs and chefs expressed a vote from 0 to 10 for location, menu, service and bill of each restaurant, as well as a score for the category Special represented, in fact, by game.

4 Restaurants: the best game restaurant in Siena

The final ranking saw in first place The Captain's Tavern which was thus awarded the title of best game restaurant in Siena as well as an economic contribution to invest in its business.

The Captain's Tavern is one typical Sienese tavern in the district of L'Aquila, a few steps from the Duomo, where the "captain" is Niccolò, a pirate by nature and in fact, since he spends his winters in the Caribbean working as a personal chef. Here an "authentic and crude" cuisine is offered with traditional Sienese dishes just like the grandmother used to make them. A few examples? Pheasant mousse And pappardelle with hare ragout (which cooks 4 hours), pici with "nana" (duck) sauce. The internal rooms of the Taverna del Capitano, housed in a medieval building, are characterized by barrel vaults with red bricks and walls covered with paintings and photographs depicting the palio of the districts.

The game convinced the other restaurateurs with the exception of the pheasant mousse which, as Borghese pointed out, was not sifted. The drawback: the desserts are bought from a pastry shop.

The other restaurants in the race

Detail of Siena, how particular is the cuisine of Raffaella and the location of the restaurant. Here, just outside the walls, under the Risalita di San Francesco, Sienese tradition meets Japanese culture for dishes that want to give an "experience" such as hare with mushrooms, caviar and oysters and the quail breast with horseradish and katsuobushi. No wild boar on the menu because, says Raffaella, "they do it everywhere". While she wants to stand out, even in the furnishings: the three rooms of the restaurant are characterized by dark walls and a refined design.

Restaurateurs are not convinced by the unusual combinations (see hare with oyster) and the cooking of game. The desserts, on the other hand, are very popular.

Trattoria La Colonna: is the restaurant in Ghigo, a true Tuscan, known throughout the city for its game dishes with meats that are often the result of his hunting. There hare in dolceforte it is prepared in the crock and game is even offered on pizza, garnished with wild boar sausage. Surprise, fish is also on the menu of the restaurant. The restaurant is located outside the walls, near the highway, and has an internal room and a heated veranda.

Between Pici, pappardelle alla hare (which are worth the trip for Borghese) and paccheri al roe deer, some dishes convince others less.

Osteria Le Sorelline: in the center of Siena, near the San Francesco ski lift, Marco's restaurant is a gastronomy and restaurant. On the menu there are Pappardelle alla hare, hareAnd alla cacciatora and dishes where Tuscan tradition and innovation are combined in the kitchen of the tavern, giving life to dishes such as gyoza ravioli stuffed with pheasant. And innovation pays off, at least for the prize. For his fellow Contrada members, in fact, Marco is a lucky charm: every time he decides to do something new, they say, his district, that of the Giraffa, wins the Palio. The restaurant consists of the gastronomy counter, full of cold cuts and ready-made dishes, and the restaurant room, cozy and intimate with a colorful mise en place.

Marco had raised the expectations of restaurateurs who, however, they say, remain a little disappointed.

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