Stuffed cucumbers. Have you ever thought about it? – Italian Cuisine

Stuffed cucumbers. Have you ever thought about it?

The summer appetizer you were looking for, because it is very fresh and can be prepared in a minute

Make a good stock of cucumbers this summer because they are good, light, fresh and super moisturizing.
They can be easily munched on the go and are a very versatile ingredient for your salads, but not only.
Do you know what fillings are delicious?
Let's see how they are prepared.

Small boats or cucumber rings

There is a way and a way to bring acucumber salad and we want to offer you a very original and tasty version: i stuffed cucumbers.
In fact, cucumbers can become containers of mousse and cheese creams thus becoming light and delicious seconds.
Just wash them very well and divide them in half lengthwise.
Keep the peel if it is not dark cucumbers and with very hard rind.
Gently with a spoon empty them to eliminate the central part of the seeds which is very watery. Set it aside and maybe add it into one cold avocado and cucumber soup, another perfect recipe for the summer.
At this point you will have some boats of cucumbers to be stuffed to taste.
You don't have to cook them because cucumber is as good as it is, natural, fresh and crunchy.
Another way of filling cucumbers is cut them in section obtaining many cylinders thick enough and then empty the interior.
In this way the circumference of the cucumber remains intact and you will have many "rings" to stuff like gods Bon Bon.

Creamy cheese filling

You can stuff your cucumber boats with raw and finely chopped seasonal vegetables or with cheese cubes or cold cuts, but it's important that everything is wrapped in something creamy. The ideal is one cheese cream.
Choose from many fresh and soft cheeses such as robiola, goat cheese, crescenza, ricotta, stracchino and also the gorgonzola if you love strong and decisive tastes. You can also mix the various cheeses and add spices and herbs tturning everything into a cream.
If you are vegan you can orient yourself on many alternatives based on plant milk.

Tuna mousse

A great combination is that between cucumbers and tuna and it is also perfect in the summer. So drain some good tuna in oil, possibly preserved in glass, and then blend it with a spreadable cheese like Philadelphia or ricotta, therefore with a fairly delicate taste.
Then add some bits of celery or tomato or even peppers and then with this cream and with the help of a sac à poche, stuff the cucumbers. A touch of crunchiness doesn't hurt, so abound with it sow various to decorate.

Ham Mousse

Children like it a lot and it is a good idea for this filling because it goes well with fresh vegetables such as cucumber.
To prepare the Ham Mousse just blend the cooked ham with a cheese of your choice and then, as for the tuna mousse, enrich everything to taste with spices, herbs, vegetables or cheese cubes emmental type.
Also in this case add a crunchy part choosing between sliced ​​almonds or chopped pistachios.

Fruit version

Since the cucumber is very delicate and almost tasteless, we can play with both salty and sweet ingredients.
For example, you can stuff it withdiced watermelon inside a cream of Greek yogurt, honey and mint.
It would also look great with grilled peaches and apricots together with ricotta and cinnamon and with white grapes, gorgonzola and walnuts for a very interesting contrast of flavors.

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