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Shopping at home: the best shops in Rome

From meat to vegetables, from fish to pasta and bread, tips for shopping on the Internet in complete safety and with a high level of taste

TO Rome we sail on sight, for now in the Yellow Sea, but it is a moment that it becomes the Red Sea. So, even if in theory you can still go shopping, laziness prevails a little, it starts to get chilly a little bit and above all the recommendation is anyway to to stay at home. For this the various come to the rescue shops, which after the lockdown they have organized themselves with increasingly efficient deliveries. Shopping with a click is increasingly child's play and there are many companies that deserve the remote support of real foodies in the capital. From meat to vegetables, from fish to pasta and bread, here are the best shops to shop on the Internet in complete safety.

Dol – Of Latium Origin

Just call them and the Spesa Contadina arrives home, strictly of Lazio origin. From cheeses to cured meats, passing through the pantry and the wine shop. On Wednesdays even the boxes with the best of the catch travel. To guarantee the quality of the selections, from short supply chains to very short supply chains, there is Vincenzo Mancino. On the site you will find the online shop with all the products, from cheeses to cured meats, for which Dol is particularly renowned, passing through the pantry and fresh products such as fish. There are also delicious kits for making traditional Roman pasta such as amatriciana, gricia, carbonara and cacio e pepe at home. For Christmas, apart from the baskets in preparation, an idea could be to give a gift card to spend on Dol shopping.

Beppe and his cheeses

Everything in the shop can also be ordered delivery: cheeses, meats, pasta, preserves, flour, truffles and wine, but also ready-made dishes such as veal with tuna sauce and seasonal vegetable soups. Just contact them directly to find out what is available. They have prepared kits, but you can also draw on the long list of gastronomic wonders, including the wine shop. To order your shopping at home just call the shop at 06.68192210. Wonderful gift baskets are on the way for Christmas.


Zolle is a sustainable agriculture project that involved a group of 80 farmers and breeders from the Roman countryside, selected by a group of young entrepreneurs who have taught them. The Zolle are boxes full of products at zero km or a little more, which include vegetables, milk, eggs, cheese and meat. The goal is to support a local food market, bring healthy products and do it in a green way (with Zolle's bikes).

Fortunato Farm

Meat, meats, cheeses, vegetables: practically all the best of a complete and organic farm, based a stone's throw from Rome, in the Marcigliana, which delivers directly to your home. Due to the large number of customers it takes a few days to process orders, but deliveries are always precise.

Le Carré Français

For those who want to indulge in a French whim, Le Carré Français comes to the rescue with baguettes and foie gras, cheeses from beyond the Alps and champagne. There is also no shortage of wonderful desserts from the pastry shop and you can order everything on the shop's online shop. For those in a hurry, you can also order through the Deliveroo platform, where you can also find the restaurant's dishes.


Ercoli's pantry is on Cosaporto, with a selection of products from the counter, ranging from cheeses to cured meats, through to sea preserves and wines. Whether you go to the shop in Prati or in the one in Parioli, the feeling is always that breaking into that counter is a gourmet's forbidden dream. There are also ready-made kits, perfect perhaps for making a gift.


One of the most famous delis in the city has its own e-commerce site, from which you can order all over Italy and also deliver it to your home (free of charge if you don't go too far from Testaccio, where it is based). The best of national and international production of over-the-counter products such as meats and cheeses, the pantry and wines available for orders.

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