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We welcome 2022 with a refined, delicious and original first course: on New Year's tables, ladies and gentlemen, Risotto

On the festive table a Christmas as to New Year's traditional first courses are often found from lasagna to the cannelloni or the fresh filled pasta such as ravioli or cappelletti in broth. And if this year instead we wanted to venture with a New Year's risotto? If you are a beginner, let's be honest, we do not recommend it as a first course. Risotto has its own rules and when prepared for more than 8 people it risks being less successful. However, we do not give up on surprising our guests and making them spend an unforgettable evening at the table. For this, below you will find a useful in-depth study on the rice / risotto of our school and our 15 proposals for New Year's risotto.

Rice, risotto: useful information before cooking

The rice it is used in the kitchen to make numerous and different preparations, from cold dishes such as salads or hot dishes such as first courses, soups, side dishes and even desserts. When one says rice, one immediately thinks of risotto, undisputed protagonist of the tradition of Italian cuisine.
The creamed rice is what we call risotto, whose origin comes from the dialect of the Piedmontese-Lombard area, and it is a rice cooked in an aromatic sauté and then in boiling broth, completed with the ingredients that each time characterize it in a different way and finally creamed with butter and cheese.
the choice of the different species and varieties of rice depends on the characteristics of the different rices, in relation to the type of preparation to be made. THE laughed brilliantly they are more suitable for the realization of typical dishes of Italian cuisine (risotto and soups) due to the greater dispersion of starch that occurs during cooking; the others laughed, such as the parboiled, are more suitable for the preparation of dishes in which the grains must be dry and shelled at the end of cooking.
For the preparation of a good risotto, the rices that keep cooking best are chosen, namely i superfine laughs. The cooking times indicated for the different brilliant rices vary from 12 minutes (common rice) to 18 minutes (best superfine rice).
The main methods of cooking rice are the creamed rice or risotto (sauteed rice, arancino, timbale); the boiled rice (English or white rice, rice in broth, rice in cagnone, rice pudding); the pilaw rice (baked rice, tiella of rice).

New Year's Risotto: 15 recipes to greet 2022

Here we are ready to give you 15 proposals for New Year's risotto, with no limits between fish or meat or vegetables. We use the ingredients we already have at home due to the Holidays, from citrus to dried fruit: Risotto with castelmagno and bergamot, Laurel risotto with mandarin and almonds, Risotto with citrus, Risotto with candied citron, capers and sage, Creamy risotto with almonds. Let's add noble ingredients: Risotto with scampi and citrus fruits, Rice with lobster, Orange risotto with duck ragout. Speaking of the latter, here is a recipe that makes a very refined single dish: Duck breast with plums on Parmesan risotto. Let's go to the classic Salted risotto with fondue, Risotto with cheese and pepper or the timeless Saffron risotto. Another tip is to venture following a great chef's recipe with Risotto with water (Oldani style) with burrata, cedar and mint. We close with two well-wishing proposals: Risotto with sparkling wine with lemon and rosemary And Risotto with artichokes and pomegranate.

Here are our 15 proposals for New Year's Risotto, also in the photo gallery!

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