New Year’s Eve dinner in the mountains: the easy-to-prepare menu – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

You have to think about New Year’s Eve dinner in the mountains and you don’t know what to prepare so as not to pass too much time in the kitchen without, however, giving up something special Good it is original? It has happened to me many times to find myself in this situation, with the happiness of spending the holidays in company, the need to prepare something to eat that is at least somewhat typical of the period and little desire to spend these holidays near the stove.

Luckily, there are some easy recipes to prepare and which do not require too much time new Year’s Eve dinner in the mountains: the perfect choice to not give up on tradition and taste without spending hours and hours in the kitchen. Don’t you believe it? Here are some ideas!

New Year’s Eve dinner in the mountains: the quickest appetizers

Let’s start preparing the New Year’s Eve dinner in the mountains with the appetizers to bring to the table, all simple and quick of course. You could start, for example, with these delicious ones Shrimp rolls with puff pastryto accompany one mayonnaise home made. Always with a fish theme, you can prepare a quick and tasty one Salmon Tartare with passion fruit or avocado sauce or delicious and original ones cream puffs with salad cream and scallops. Also the Russian salad it’s always an excellent idea for a quick appetizer for New Year’s Eve dinner in the mountains.

If you prefer a meat menu you can prepare, for example, some puff pastry pizzas with mortadella and stracciatella or a beef carpaccio enriched with rhubarb. The vegetarian proposal? These delicious bruschetta with cherriesbitter herbs and ginger compote.

Salmon and avocado tartare.

New Year’s Eve dinner in the mountains: first and second courses

Get ready appetizers it’s time to think about dinner real, with first and second courses. Let’s start with quick fish first courses to bring to the table the most original ideas can be this with spaghetti with tomato and swordfishor the always delicious risotto with seafood.
For those looking for something more alternative, these are an excellent idea Romagna-style cappelletti with clams and spinach.

Those who prefer meat can opt for very quick and tasty ones spaghetti with speck and breadcrumbs or traditional ones Valtellina pizzoccheri, perfect to eat with the low temperatures of the mountains. Naturally, a risotto cannot be missing, this one black It’s simple to make and absolutely delicious.

Quick second courses for New Year’s Eve dinner in the mountains? Let’s start with the fish, with this croaker carpacciolight and simple to prepare, or delicious rissole of dried codfish. For meat second courses, the traditional cotechino with lentils cannot be missing but also the cream chicken and porcini mushrooms or the meatloaf Bologneseto be prepared first and then brought to the table when the time is right.

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