New glamorous image for the Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura menu – Italian Cuisine

Five iconic dishes from the menu of chef Karime López visually told by the genius of the artist Max Siedentopf: curious?

Gucci Osteria from Massimo Bottura has recently celebrated the first one star of the Michelin Guide 2020 and here is the launch of a new digital project arriving like a flash. This is the artist's original interpretation Max Siedentopf of five key menu dishes created by the talented chef Karime López.

In perfect harmony with the visionary spirit of the creative director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele, who designs fantastic stories through the fabulous collections of clothing and accessories, the 28-year-old artist's iconographic food project explores with unique genius dishes that are part of the menu since the restaurant opened two years ago.

Photo courtesy Max Siedentopf.

With a view to an all-round storytelling, the dish he is not the only protagonist of the series of images and videos shot by the artist, photographer and director Max Siedentopf, recently appointed as best new director at the Music Video Awards UK 2019. The inspiration, the ingredients and the same are also highlighted dish maker. Seen through its eclectic lens, the dishes come to life and thus take on an eccentric personality, as if they were real characters themselves and meet up with the guests in the dreamlike dining rooms of the Osteria Gucci.

Photo courtesy Max Siedentopf.

The first protagonist is theEmilia Burger, the creation of the starred chef Massimo Bottura passed to Karime López to adapt it to the menu of Gucci Osteria. Icon of American food, here the hamburger is instead an ode to Emilia Romagna. The meatball is composed of Chianina and cotechino meat, on which a layer of Parmesan cheese is placed, a green sauce made with parsley, anchovies and capers, and correct mayonnaise with balsamic vinegar icing. All the flavors mix together in a umami harmony. A real starry burger!

Photo courtesy Max Siedentopf.

In the images and video of Siedentopf, the Emilia Burger and its pink box become part of one eating ceremony by exaggerated sound effects, in which they are interpreted in a surprising way, as an accessory on the model's head for example.

Photo courtesy Max Siedentopf.

The original interpretations of the other four unmissable signature dishes will follow with exquisite exaggerated clamor Gucci Osteria from Massimo Bottura:

tortellini, with Marta Fraccaroli who prepares fresh pasta daily for the restaurant by listening to rock music at full volume;

Taka Bun, with the eponymous sandwich by Takahiko Kondo, husband of Karime López and sous-chef of the Osteria Francescana;

Franco's salad, with Franco Lodini, the forager that supplies the Osteria Gucci with salads and local aromatic herbs that grow wild in the Tuscan countryside;

Purple Corn Tostada, created by the Head Chef Karime López as a tribute to Mexico, his native country.

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