Kinder Surprise makes a gift to all 3-year-olds – Italian Cuisine

Kinder Sorpresa gave away 700 gifts every day. How to win? It is enough to be 3 years old this year

Kinder Surprise has decided to celebrate everyone's birthday children born in 2018, who turn 3 this year. Why exactly 3? For Kinder, 3 is a magic number, because it is the same number as the elements they represent Kinder Surprise: the thrill of surprise, the delicious Kinder chocolate and a game that contains a thousand adventures.

How to participate?

Until Tuesday 7 December, from 9 to 23, by accessing the website the first 700 participants in the competition will win one of the 700 gifts up for grabs every day: a special box, containing a story that can be personalized with photos, curiosity memories of the first three years together and the iconic Kinder Surprise egg.

Joining is easy and free: just enter the child's tax code and check the availability of the gift; from that moment you will have 15 days to customize your ticket and indicate the address to which the Kinder Surprise prize will be sent.

The gifts don't end there. Kinder Sorpresa has also thought of a digital gift for all children over three years old: from the site parents can download a customizable curiosity card, choosing from three different themes (games, music and passions) to play and discover how sweet it is to be curious.

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