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How to make sourdough from yogurt

In this week many of you are writing to us about the need to make yeast at home because it is almost impossible to find it in supermarkets: that's why in our direct instagram we are just dedicating ourselves to this theme, how to make sourdough at home.

Mother yeast from yogurt

We start from an acid base, because acid pH allows fermentation and prevents the formation of other pathogens (mold for example). So let's start with yogurt.
White, natural yogurt, without sugars or flavors.
We take 2 tablespoons, to this we add 2 tablespoons of flour 0, half a teaspoon of sugar or honey. The consistency must be that of a slightly liquid batter, so if it seems too thick, add a couple of tablespoons of water at room temperature. Mix well.
Cover your bowl with plastic wrap, make a few holes to allow the passage of oxygen and let it rest.

Thus begins the fermentation

Let stand at room temperature. Between 22 and 25 degrees. Keep it sheltered from sudden changes in temperature, not near windows or heaters.
How many days does it take to ferment? It obviously depends on several factors, from the yogurt used, from the flour, from the temperature. Let's say that in about 3/4 days you should have your mother. You will notice this because it will have several bubbles that demonstrate the presence of carbon dioxide and therefore fermentation.

The frescoes

At this point you may already be using your mother to make bread. How does it work?
Take one part of the mother you have to make bread while the other keep it to refresh. What does it mean to refresh? It means "to eat" with your yeast, so that it is always "alive".
How are refreshments made?
In the bowl (or jar) where you are keeping the mother, leave 100 g of mother yeast, to this add 100 g of flour, 50 g of water. Mix well and you will have refreshed.
What "advances" is your yeast and you can use it to make bread, focaccia, pizza: for 1 kg of flour we will use 110 g of mother yeast. The proportion is therefore always yeast = 11% of the weight of the flour.

How often to refresh?

If you bak your mother yeast every day you keep it out of the fridge and you will refresh it every day. If you want to make bread once a week you will have to keep it in the refrigerator: when you need it you will have to take it out and be careful to keep it out of the fridge 4-5 hours before making refreshments to make bread.

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