A pizza for every season: 4 flavors created by 4 young chefs – Italian Cuisine

Four signature pizzas to celebrate the young talents of haute cuisine. The unpublished creations of the talents of the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy will be available at Giolina in Milan, one for each season of the year

From today every season will have its pizza: Paolo Griffa, Chang Liu, Luca Natalini and Davide Marzullo they have put together the best raw materials to season Giolina's soft doughs, one of the pizzerias ahead of Milan.

The project that aims to support young people with a passion for catering was launched by Ilaria Puddu, creator with Stefano Saturnino of some of the most successful formats of recent years (Gelsomina, Crocca, Giolina, to name a few), in collaboration with S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy.
«This is a project that I care a lot about, because I believe that we entrepreneurs must first start investing in young talents. They are the real future of catering and it is therefore important to give them the opportunity to grow, to have visibility, to be able to create synergies between them, to contaminate themselves so that new ideas and projects are born. Over the course of the year, these pizzas will alternate on Giolina's menu and the proceeds will go to support scholarships of ALMA, so as to give one more chance to new deserving young people comments Ilaria Puddu.

Photo by Riccardo Liporace

Together withExecutive Pizzaiolo Danilo Brunetti, the chefs talked about the excellences of our territory (without letting us miss some surprising forays), while at the same time drawing inspiration from their respective gastronomic philosophies. An experience that is completed with the combinations of cocktails from bartender Mattia Pastori, prepared with Sanpellegrino soft drinks. The trend of combining pizza and cocktails is increasingly proving to be a suitable choice to enhance the flavors present in the dish. Let's find out together.

Autumn by Chang Liu

Chang Liu, chef of Mu Dimsum in Milan and winner of S.Pellegrino Young Chef China in 2016, puts his deep knowledge of traditional Chinese cuisine together with some extraordinary products of our country on pizza.

Smoked provola d'Agerola, Bra sausage, porcini mushrooms, chanterelles, cardoncelli and shitake, five Chinese spices and fresh thyme. The pairing cocktail includes Aqva of Citrus Gin, Tonica Citrus Sanpellegrino, mushrooms powder, thyme and salt crust.

Winter by Paolo Griffa

Paolo Griffa, after winning the S. Pellegrino Young Chef Italy Award in 2015, arrives at the Grand Hotel Royal & Golf in Courmayeur in 2017 and wins the first Michelin Star in 2019.

His experience is felt all in the chosen ingredients: porcini and chanterelle mushroom cream, venison messata, Brussels sprouts, vinaigrette and black truffle. The cocktail is based on red fruit shrub and red wine vinegar, Ginger Beer Sanpellegrino, smoked whiskey, blackberry and raspberry.

Luca Natalini's Spring

Luca Natalini wins S.Pellegrino Young Chef in Russia in 2016 and in 2020 he becomes Executive Chef at the Pont de Ferr in Milan. While waiting to eat at his new Autem restaurant, soon in Milan, you can taste his pizza at Giolina's.

Tuscan pecorino, Cetara anchovies, courgette flowers, pesto alla genovese and chard pesto, raw asparagus, violets, borage, pansies and chervil they are paired with a cocktail based on Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto, BIO Sanpellegrino lemonade, tequila and violet liqueur.

The Summer of Davide Marzullo

After winning Antonino Cannavacciuolo Academy and having an internship experience at Noma, Davide Marzullo joined the brigade of the starry Villa Crespi. He has just won the S. Pellegrino Award for Social Responsibility for the Region of Italy and South East Europe and will fight for the world title in the Grand Finale at the end of October.

The ingredients of his pizza are: broad bean cream, pea cream, pecorino romano cream, charcoal, broad beans, crispy bacon, taralli and pea shoots. The cocktail: Floral Gin Aqva, Sanpellegrino Oak Tonica and pea shoots.

Space for young people!

The S.Pellegrino Young Chef international scouting project, born in 2015, has given many young people the opportunity to become part of the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy, a permanent training laboratory. The target? To ensure that young people can cultivate their talent and become spokespersons for the change that is also taking place in the panorama of global gastronomy.

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