Vegetarian Valentine's menu – Italian Cuisine

Vegetarian Valentine's menu

Is your sweetheart a vegetarian? Or are you both?

If you are looking for romantic and tasty vegetarian recipes, choose from 10 proposals for vegetarian dishes and create your own vegetarian menu Valentine's Day.

Start with appetizers, light and simple to do like i black sesame crackers accompanied by a soft goat ricotta: particularly used in the kitchens of the Far East, black sesame is less known and used in Europe, and is distinguished by white sesame for its more intense and oily flavor. You will certainly hit.

Or here's a refined appetizer, i pumpkin pies with cream cheese: pumpkin joins the amaretti, in a combination of flavors to try, embellished by the fondue of dairy, semi-hard cheese.

Do you want to amaze yours? The bortsh with toasted bread and chard tops, naturally sour sour cream typical of Eastern Europe, is a rosacea explosion: beetroot-like cream typical of Russian cuisine, it is an original dish that will warm your Valentine's Day. Or try the risotto with lemon, toasted almonds and crispy rice, a first refined (and vegan) with a delicate taste.

The is also vegan seitan in sesame crust, tasty according to the success assured: the slices of seitan are served on slices of pumpkin cooked in the oven, garnished with fried leeks. A goodness! If you like it, go with it Amaranth croquettes with pumpkin and dried tomatoes (another vegan dish): fake cereal, Andean plant with tiny seeds, the amaranth has a slightly sweet taste with hints of hazelnut and once boiled a slightly gelatinous consistency that makes it perfect for making small meatballs to be fried.

If you go running, the mixed salad of beets, carrots, oranges and hazelnuts it is a very quick outline to prepare and still allows you to make a good impression.

Conclude dinner with a sweet vegan like chocolate cake in the cup, the Bavarian vegan with sour cherries or the Catalan chocolate cream: dark chocolate regulates the levels of serotonin and endorphin in the brain, the hormones of good humor, encouraging you to be happy and euphoric … It will be an unforgettable evening!


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