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The scugnizzo of Atlanta: Neapolitan pizza travels on three wheels

30Young, very young: Alessio Lacco he is only thirty years old, but has already lived in the United States for 12 years. He started from Vomero, from there, that is, where he could have "contented himself" with living in one of the most beautiful districts of Naples. But he was not satisfied at all and elsewhere, in his Atlanta, he invented a whole world.

After wandering around and living between New York, Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco, in fact, has made up his mind to bring Neapolitan pizza everywhere: out to schools or out to parks, weddings and major events, in the middle of the street, much more simply. Like? Moving it on three wheels.

He took an old man Bee, he imported it very original from Italy and refurbished it which now looks like a jewel. Then he mounted an oven on it. Even the one built in Italy, and not just any oven: just an authentic wood-burning oven.

When he passes by on the street, he and his glasses mixed with his smile, aboard his spaceship of happiness (all blue like the sky and the sea of ​​Naples), it is impossible not to notice him. And it also owes a large chunk of its success to this party aesthetic.

Everything else, needless to say, Alessio and his creature "Atlanta Pizza Truck”They owe it to the good.

"To the very Italian ingredients, starting with Caputo flour, the trusted companion of my first experiments and of all these years". Not just a brand, "but an ancient but evolved concept and tradition on which to rest the best of the best red and yellow tomatoes from Piennolo del Vesuvio and our mozzarella, normal and buffalo mozzarella".

"Normal" so to speak because they are so good that they scratch the cardboard and lick their fingers.

They owe it to the good, yes: but also and above all to the heart.

“Without my wife, we would never have been here to tell each other about any of this: from employee, to unemployed (due to pandemic), to entrepreneur, even successful. I repeat: thanks to her, to Sofia, my life . His eyes are bright and almost a tear escapes him.

«A success of our own. I am only a pizza chef, she is a brilliant manager, certainly an extraordinary person. Not surprisingly, I married her! , Now he laughs again, and he does it with real gusto. Finally, he raises even further: "Moreover, just recently he also learned how to make pizza: now he steals my job!" He burst out with another laugh. And she closes: "She also signed up for"Women in Pizza", An association founded by Orlando Food that brings together women at the forefront of this wonderful business, which is actually more of a great love".

And again, what a show to see them at work between villas, receptions and newlyweds. How many laughs, and how many bites for a pizza which, not surprisingly, is the most loved, best known and most clicked food in the world. How much enthusiasm in the eyes of this boy who, down here, even on this other side of the ocean, everyone calls a urchin. The "Atlanta street urchin": Ambassador of Naples, of pizza and happiness.

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