Neapolitan fried pasta: the best spaghetti omelette – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Not just spaghetti: you can make fried pasta with the pasta shape you prefer


Fried pasta with cheese or vegetables

You can also add cubes of cheese to the pasta scamorza or try it which will melt inside during cooking for a stringy result.
And then, if you have cooked vegetables or those to be cooked, add them. Pan-fried courgettes, artichokes, boiled or buttered spinach, asparagus and whatever you like most or need to consume are fine. You can also make a fish version of fried pasta, for example with smoked salmon or tuna in oil.

Add vegetables to fried pasta for a complete and balanced dish.

Even in the oven

There pasta omelette it cooks in the pan, but also in the oven if there is a lot of pasta and you are afraid of causing damage by turning it upside down.
For cooking in the oven the instructions are the same, except that you will have to pour the mixture into a buttered or greased baking tray and sprinkled with breadcrumbs.

Fried dough cooked in the oven will be slightly drier, very firm and crispier, but the taste will not change much. I suggest you dust the surface with some parmesan grated before baking.
You can also play with single portions, cooking the fried dough in muffin molds. In my opinion this is a very nice idea for an appetizer.

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