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Sanremo 2022: a recipe for each song in the race

For the 72nd edition of the Festival, we played a very appetizing game: combining a dish with each song, in combination with the lyrics and melodies

In 2019 we had played to match each artist to a dish, based on its geographical origin. Easy game. The challenge of this Sanremo 2022instead, it was made for free associations, very personal but always inspired by details taken from texts and reviews of those who had the good fortune to hear the songs in the competition before us. Bon appetit, oops… happy Festival!

Achille Lauro – "Sunday"

Achille Lauro returns for the third time to Sanremo and the feeling is that this time he can surprise everyone while keeping a low profile. Time will tell. In the text of "Domenica", a typical 1960s Sunday resounds, with phrases such as "And mom looks like I swing" and "In the eyes it's rock 'n' roll". The double butter fettuccine from Ristorante Alfredo in Rome – which became extremely popular after 1960 – is the best match for this song.

Giusy Ferreri – "Honey"

The queen of summer hits returns to the Sanremo Festival with a piece that music critics have described as (but think a little) romantic-Latin, with Spanish-like overtones. To be enjoyed not with honey, but with a dish of Spanish grass; perhaps by sensually moving the hips.

Michele Bravi – "Winter of flowers"

The title already makes you a little thirsty, it will be for the combination of the snow season with flowers, which smell of freshness and ethereal sweetness. With Michele Bravi's song I suggest drinking a good Gin and Tonic, where the ice cubes are made with geranium petals.

Rkomi – "Unsurpassed"

Not at all easy to combine a recipe with this song from Rkomi's debut in Sanremo: the lyrics are syncopated, the colors are first cold, then warm, then cold again. I imagine I can combine this convulsive piece with a dish that overheats the taste buds, penne all'arrabbiata.

Irama – "Wherever you will be"

Wind, water, light, moon, earth, cold… A perfectly Sanremo text, which however brings to mind landscapes far from ours, perhaps the Peruvian ones? We are playing a lot. A Peruvian ceviche dish is recommended in combination with this song by Irama.

Noemi – "I love you I don't know how to say"

"The nights of walking – A little tired and happy – On the Roman roads", sings Noemi. Let's savor the Roman summer together with the original Roman carbonara.

Massimo Ranieri – "Letter from beyond the sea"

The song by Massimo Ranieri, one of the most anticipated super big players of this Sanremo, is socially committed and talks about the issue of emigration. The most iconic dish of Italian emigration to America is certainly that of spaghetti meatballs. Enjoy!

Aka 7even – "Perfect like this"

AKA 7even, pseudonym of Luca Marzano, was born in 2000: avant-garde of Gen Z. I'm pretty sure that a plant-based recipe can go very well with his piece, because the kids of this generation, they say, are more sensitive to the topic . Try the baked potatoes with veg mayonnaise and sour onion.

Emma – "Every time it's like this"

The piece promises to be a taste of Valentine's Day: sensual, dramatic, almost aphrodisiac. As aphrodisiacs are oysters and mojito sorbet.

Highsnob and Hu – "Take care of yourself"

The debut song by these two artists at the Festival is described as a ballad with club music features. The text talks about shibari, dreams and getting hurt. You need an anesthetic, you need a little Sichuan pepper in this raw shrimp recipe with Sichuan pepper, pink salt and fennel seeds.

Iva Zanicchi – "I want to love you"

The Sanremo piece of Iva Zanicchi's return speaks of love. There is love in the title, in the lyrics and in the bluesy veins of the song. Easier to pair with a drink than a plate, so I came to a compromise: an elegant eat-and-drink, a lobster skewer with Bloody Mary.

Dargen D'Amico – "Where to dance"

This is where the home crowd will start dancing. It takes little hands and no cutlery, and a touch of nightclub kitsch. Try making a low-cost copy of the most expensive burger in the world, that of Dutch chef Diego Buik, with 24-karat gold leaf as a topping.

Sangiovanni – "Butterflies"

And you also dance with Sangiovanni, but despite what the title of the song may suggest, I will not recommend a plate of butterflies. Sangiovanni is young, fresh and emanates as many good vibes as this sweet butterfly-shaped kitsch.

Yuman – "Now and here"

Thanks to the victory of Sanremo Giovani, Yuman debuts with this soul piece whose title reminds us to look at the here and now. Indeed, now and here. What more topical food than moringa from Sri Lanka? To be tasted in Mattia Albertin's moringa cake.

The List Representative – "Bye-bye"

There are those who have Eurovision omens for this new piece by Veronica and Dario. Unapproachable to any dish, except when they sing "while I eat chocolate in a club". We were missing a sweet, let's make a chocolate cake with a soft heart?

Mahmood and Blanco – "Chills"

The two artists sing with shivers, presumably from cold. Another dessert for you, to be combined with this song that also speaks of a bed stained with wine. All this reminds me of the color and sensations of an iced panettone with berries.

Matteo Romano – "Viral"

Gen Z again, for the youngest artist competing in this Sanremo 2022. One of the favorite dishes of today's young people – and not only – is poké. "Viral" is to be eaten with an Italian-style poké, to stay on the subject.

The Vibrations – "A lot"

Vibrations refer to evil, when they sing of "a lot". I assume the end of a love. But when a love ends, you are not hungry. So let's play for opposites and savor a nice plate of pasta alla zozzona, while listening to the voice of Francesco Sarcina.

Fabrizio Moro – "It's you"

A beautiful dedication of love, which must be combined with a neutral love recipe, for a * partner or a friend *. The Emilian Tenderine Cake is a sweet gesture as much as this song is.

Elisa – "Or maybe it's you"

Elisa is perhaps the most anticipated artist this year, with a piece that, in the opinion of journalists, at first struggles to convince but on a second listen it could splash towards the podium. "Among the lights of a thousand cities" made me think of an Italian urban cocktail, a Coffee Negroni.

Ditonellapiaga and Donatella Rettore – "Chemistry"

What satisfaction is the return of the Rector to music, with a piece between ska and dance together with the young singer Ditonellapiaga. Chemical chemistry chemistry and a tea bomb.

Giovanni Truppi – "Your father, my mother, Lucia"

“When I met you for the first time At a stranger's dinner in a Turin bar” For this song a Turin bar tour is more suitable than a recipe. But if it were a recipe, I would recommend a sandwich.

Tananai – "Casual sex"

Casual sex knows little about food and more than drink, passion red. I also recommend it to Tananai, before his singing performance.

Ana Mena – "Two hundred thousand hours"

Ana Mena is an Andalusian singer, her "Two Hundred Thousand Hour" recalls her origins and then we close with a flourish with fried aubergines with honey.

This recipe has already been read 241 times!

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