Recycle Easter eggs with 30 chocolate recipes – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

The chocolate egg they cannot be missed at Easter. But once the holidays are over and the sweet tooth is satisfied, what can we do for recycle Easter eggs and remove ourselves from the constant temptation of that leftover chocolate? To prevent all that chocolate from ending up forgotten, in some remote corner of the pantry, all that remains is propose it in many desserts always different to enjoy for breakfast, as a snack or for a special after dinner.

What can you do with chocolate Easter eggs?

Beyond the fact that they are delicious, chocolate eggs are a very precious resource in the field of home pastry making, because they are pure chocolate, excellent for being used in many ways.

Easter egg chocolate for example can be:

  • to meltto make excellent creams
  • chopto store it in a less bulky way and use it in preparations at a later time
  • break upto use it instead of chocolate chips

Do you want it to last you a really long time, especially in view of the hot season? Break it into pieces, put it in a food bag and then place it in the refrigerator, so it won’t melt and there won’t be the risk of the cocoa butter rising to the surface.

How to recycle Easter eggs

If at least half of the egg is still intact, you can use it for example as a container (to eat) for another dessert: here is the egg filled with amaretti tiramisu, chocolate mousse or grandma’s cake.

Cakes with Easter eggs

Do you want to make a cake with Easter eggs? Try making this simple cake perfect for recycling chocolate. You can also indulge in traditional desserts from other countries such as brownies or sacher or, again, prepare this other cake which also allows you to reuse stale bread. There are also many ideas for classic chocolate recipes, but without eggs, such as mousse.

Recipes for recycling Easter eggs

recycle Easter eggs

30 chocolate recipes to recycle Easter eggs

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