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For a lighter Christmas, but still tasty, the ideal is to serve fish. Starting from the antipasto, with these original salads. Here's how to prepare them

TO Christmas you have more than 10 people at lunch, but do you still have the faintest idea of ​​what to serve on the menu? Start from the simplest things: a starter light and start with style. For example, why not think about afish salad? Not only the classic seafood salad (that is an evergreen!), But also other versions with smoked fish, which give color to the table, but without weighing it down.

Here are some tasty ideas, to be used also for the menu of the Christmas' Eve, traditionally always based on fish. You need a few ingredients and even a short time … and you will see what you will do!


Smoked fish salad with dried fruit

On the Christmas table, dried fruit can not miss! In this version, it is also present in the salad. After having cleaned the cauliflowers, broccoli, fennel and Belgian endive, cut them into small pieces. Flake the smoked white fish fillet and lay it on the vegetables, along with the dried fruit. Season to taste and serve.

Shrimp and hake salad

A salad really light but tasty. Cook the prawns and hake steamed, meanwhile boil the asparagus and cut them into chunks, adding them to the peeled tomatoes. Prepare a sauce, stirring a handful of basil with milk, half a lemon juice and some yoghurt. Arrange the ingredients previously prepared and season with the sauce.

Seafood salad with fennel and oranges

Not the usual seafood salad, but enticed by a julienne of oranges and fennel. After blanching the octopus, peel the fennel and cut into thin slices, then the radicchio, finally, shelled the shrimp tails. Peel the oranges in vivo, removing the skin and storing it, together with the dripping juice. Whisk the spongy part of the waste, along with a slice of pear, oil, salt and lemon juice. Dress the salad.

Marinated salmon and grapefruit salad

Salmon is one of the most appreciated fish for its consistency and its strong and strong flavor. In this salad it is marinated, placed on a lard and garnished with peeled grapefruit segments. Mustache.

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