Horoscope 2022: the lucky recipe – Italian Cuisine

Horoscope 2022: the lucky recipe

To greet the New Year, we asked the expert astrologer to find the lucky recipe for each zodiac sign. May 2022 be full of flavors for everyone!

The 2022 is upon us and there are those who are curious to know how it will go. On December 30th, Jupiter enters the sign of Pisces and this is one of the main astrological characteristics of the new year. Jupiter in Pisces is abundance, fantasy, creativity even in the kitchen, it is the desire to prepare even a quick lunch alone as if you were a royal in a castle. Green light for all the romance like fresh flowers on the table and, of course, breakfast in bed. From here, a question spontaneously arises: what will be the 2022 lucky recipes for each zodiac sign? I will tell you about it through each sign, suggesting well-wishing ingredients and dishes, also explaining the reason following the stars.

2022, the 12 lucky recipes for the 12 zodiac signs


In the summer months from May to October, Jupiter will be in your zodiac sign and Jupiter means inordinate pleasures, the pursuit of taste and very little desire to keep track of calories. For you there is no doubt: the lucky recipe of 2022 will be a great triumph of mixed fried, perhaps lightened with sparkling water in the batter (at most).


You need sweetness in 2022, dear Taurus: in fact, there will still be many changes to which you will be called. You who are a sign of habit and who adore simple traditional dishes, you will often find yourself dining with ethnic foods and experimental reinterpretations not always of your own spontaneous initiative. So if you want advice, make sure the tiramisu be done as your grandmother did, no oddities!


Your 2022 will be lacking in spice. How is it possible?? Just you ?? Well yes: Jupiter's fault against and Saturn's in favor. Saturn makes you serious and diligent while Jupiter in quadrature takes away your usual lightness, spontaneity and creativity. A Gemini with his head on his shoulders, then. For this reason, I recommend that you put pepper at least in your dishes: frompineapple, shrimp and pepper salad ai spaghetti cheese and pepper until the fillet steak with green pepper. There is something for everyone!


It is the right year to be daring, dear Cancer, even for you who are looking for the sweetest memories in the kitchen, as well as taste. This year you can indulge in some variations because you will be sure of yourself thanks to Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune in favor. How about replacing grilled vegetables with cheese in polenta?


2022 is the right year to stay light, dear Leone! Saturn still wants you to be careful to manage the burnt parts of your life with attention, maturity, rigor and determination and invites you to get rid of them. So for you a cart of insalates of all kinds super tasty, but extra light. From octopus and potatoes to more exotic combinations, perhaps even with the addition of fruit, indulge yourself!


With Jupiter to the detriment for a good part of the year (apart from the summer months in which you will be pardoned), dear Virgo you will have to keep an eye on the waistline because precisely this planet has to do with abundance and when it goes against it abundance we risk accumulating it all on the thighs! This is why I recommend a tasty but light dish likerice salad with shrimp and vegetables. Obviously the encore is forbidden!


You will be very strict, even more than usual, in 2022 … Whether it is Saturn in favor or Jupiter in favor (but only in summer) it does not matter: meals will be regular, the table always set properly and the calorie count is one of the your priorities. Never snacks between meals! To keep fit without giving up the heat you will need, I recommend the lucky food for the New Year legume soup maybe, if you want to overdo it, accompanied with a short pasta shape.


In a 2021 in which everything, or at least a lot, will seem complicated to you, I would say that at least as far as food is concerned, you could make your life easy. Jupiter, which is in your favor anyway, will make you crave your favorite comfort food in the middle of an existential drama day. Then, you know, you like the existential drama a lot a bit like chilli when it is so much that it makes you cry but you don't want to do without it. But let's get back to lucky food for 2022: I recommend the most traditional of pizzas, the Margherita Pizza that perhaps from January to May and in November and December, to please Jupiter in favor, could have the buffalo instead of the mozzarella fiordilatte.


The astrologer's warning for your dear Sagittarius 2022 will be to stay as much as possible with your feet on the ground or, if you prefer, with your legs under the table and your elbows on the tablecloth. This is because Jupiter and Neptune both against you will often see you flutter away like the cinnamon scent from the herbal tea. This is why I believe that a traditional Italian dish as tasty and characteristic as the Eggplant Parmesan is a good way to remind you where you come from.


You'll start 2022 with Jupiter and Venus both in your favor, which means you'll be sweeter than a cream croissant and most of all you'll want to share anything you love, even lunch. You will never have enough heat and calories and for this reason the lucky recipe of 2022 for you will be the meatballs: whether they are meat, fish or vegetable, it doesn't matter, in all cases they will be perfect to play with your sweetheart like Lilli and the Vagaondo in their romantic dinner at Biagio's.

fish tank

Also for 2022, dear Aquarius, you are the zodiac sign that has "won" to host Saturn in its degrees. This means that you will be rigorous, determined, especially conscientious and attentive. Since also in the Chinese astrological tradition it is recommended to add what is missing, for this next year I recommend you chocolate and sweetness in all forms. From profiterole to sacher, from assorted chocolates to hot chocolate to milk chocolate squares stolen from the refrigerator late in the evening.


It really is your dear Pisces year and I am sure you will not make it repeat twice to enjoy every pleasure, every vice, even every whim! Do you know what I propose as a lucky recipe for 2022? My favorite plate: spaghetti with clams, much better if enjoyed with a good glass of white wine and sea view. Then, I'm sure, with the imagination and optimism that distinguish you in this new year, even if you saw the sea on TV you would be happy all the same.

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