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here are the foods that heat up the most

In winter we warm up in the kitchen! Here are our best recipes against the cold to bring to the table ingredients that warm and are good for you

In the colder months we take refuge under the blankets, we camp near the fireplace or the radiator, but nothing can heat better than good food: there are real recipes against the cold able to warm us and promote the immune defenses thanks to their beneficial properties. In the gallery above you will find 40, in a collection based on comfort food traditional and original combinations. Hot dishes to fight the cold and have an extra weapon to ward off seasonal ailments. But what are the foods that heat up more during the winter?

Recipes against the cold: the foods that heat up the most

Let's start from an assumption: to warm up it is not enough that the food is only hot. To be effective, the recipes against the cold to bring to the table must help us to produce more energy and, consequently, heat, stimulating our metabolism. Some ingredients are capable of doing exactly this job thanks to the right balance between calorie and protein intake. We are talking in particular about meat, legumes and seasonal vegetables, which help us to increase the daily calories needed in winter in a healthy way to fight the coldest temperatures.

Among the foods that heat the most are legumes. Beans, lentils and chickpeas they are rich in iron, which really helps to strengthen our defenses against the cold. Legumes are a very special ingredient for our winter recipes, starting with the classic pasta and beans, until soups, velvety and soups – traditional and non – to be combined preferably with cereals.

Among the most protein-rich ingredients, meat is a must, to be consumed in moderation, preferring the white one and alternating it with fish and legumes. When it's cold, especially for special occasions like Sunday lunch, we will easily let ourselves be conquered by dishes like beef steak, lo stew or a niceroast steaming.

Spices are perfect for giving taste and aroma, but also for helping our body to warm up. Many spices, such as cardamom or the cumin, are often used as a natural remedy for coughs and colds while ginger is chili pepper they are capable of increasing blood flow and, therefore, warm us. A touch of chilli in the soup or a ginger infusion are two infallible weapons.

Seasonal fruit and vegetables
It will seem obvious, but it is always better to repeat it: to consume ingredients seasonal it is a rule that always applies. In fact, nature knows how to come to our aid in the changing seasons and each food has properties suitable for different times of the year. To avoid unpleasant colds, the C vitamin it's essential, that's why filling up with oranges, tangerines and kiwis it is an excellent idea during the cold season. Pumpkin, broccoli, spinach, potatoes, artichokes and cauliflower they are seasonal ingredients capable of stimulating our immune defenses and perfect for preparing hot and tasty dishes. Do not forget onion is garlic, rich in beneficial properties.

Hydration is also important during the winter: there is nothing better than sipping a hot herbal tea. Here are some ideas.

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