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Give vent to the imagination, experiment and share. Here are the three assumptions on which it is based People who dries, book born from the shared experience of the homonymous community on Facebook that in just over a year and a half since birth has gathered about 8000 fans in the sector. The group is a kind of free and free encyclopedia of drying, where experience and discovery, seasoned by so much enthusiasm, have led to the publication of a recipe book supported by the company Tauro Essiccatori.

169317But, let's start from the basics. What is drying? To dry means to gently eliminate water from food. The delicacy refers to both the working temperature, which must not exceed 60 °, and the sweetness of the air flow used.

"People who dries born as the first recipe book participated "from below" with the aim of spreading a simple message: contrary to what has been sedimented in the collective imagination, drying is not just a niche practice, for example that of raw food – explains Livio Zanon Santon, administrator of Tauro Dryers – but it can embrace the kitchen of all, in all its moments, from breakfast to dinner, from appetizers to desserts, from toppings to the processing of raw materials, from snack drinks, even for pets".

Are needed time, patience and obviously i appropriate tools to do a proper job, which keeps intact the nutritive properties and all the organoleptic characteristics of a dried product. But drying was also known by ancient peoples as a food preservation system. Think of the bunches of herbs hanging upside down or the tomatoes laid out to dry in the heat. THE'domestic dryingobviously, thanks to technology, it is more effective and efficient and this book provides, in addition to 75 recipes, also information extremely useful for the correct storage of dried foods and not to incur "unwanted guests".

169320But can you really dry everything? This is the temptation for those who approach the technique of drying, in fact just a little 'common sense and habit. This is why this book, born of field experimentation, provides many answers. Surely it is good to dry products at the right degree of ripeness, prefer untreated food, it is good to cut fruit, vegetables and mushrooms into thin slices and as homogeneous as possible.

With this book, chips, powders, sheets, bars, candies and flavorings will no longer have secrets. From the drying up they can be obtained natural dyes powder, nut of meat and vegetables, flavored salts, but also potatoes (not) fried or prepared dishes such as meatballs, minestrone, risottos and baby food or healthy and nutritious snacks, for a tasty snack and an alternative to packaged snacks.

In the book there is an entire chapter dedicated to pasta, precisely because there are dryers on the market that have specific programs dedicated to its processing, to dry and store it for a long time. Another section, however, is all for our four-legged friends, with some preparation of pet food easy and quick to make. Some truly original recipes originate from the creativity and competence of the chef Paolo Dalicandro, expert in this technique, indicated for those who love healthy lifestyles, but still aimed at all those who are curious and love to experiment in the kitchen.

People who dries – GCE Editore – 240 pages – € 16.00

Mariacristina Coppeto
January 2019


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