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It is neither a muffin, even if the shape would suggest it, nor of a croissant, even if its consistency suggests the opposite. Instead, it is about the Cruffinindefinable absolutely original sweet cakes!

But where do these little pastry sweets come from? Apparently a pastry chef from London invented them, simply creating a mixture of brioche bread made on a puff pastry and then inserted inside the classic muffin mold. They are not difficult to do, but we would like to give you some advice anyway!

When you heat the milk with the yeast, do pay attention to the temperature of the mixture: it must not be too high because it would kill the yeast, but not too low, therefore cold, because it would block its action.

An alternative to fresh brewer’s yeast could be that dry! All you need to do is use just one 5 grams, and you will get the same result in any case. It depends a bit on what you can find at the supermarket!

Finally, when you are garnishing your cruffins, you can also add a little before the icing sugar jam, custard or Nutella. Or if you love fruit, try decorating them with a candied cherry by placing it in the little hole in the center!

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