a symphony of sweetness and whiskey – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

a symphony of sweetness and whiskey

The origin of tiramisu it is universally attributed to Veneto, a region in north-eastern Italy. However, the Irish version has embraced culinary modernity, combining Italian excellence with an unmistakable international spirit. The insertion of whiskey, a cereal distillate typical of Ireland, makes this interpretation unique and appreciated in high-level gastronomic contexts. It is a spoon dessert which is prepared with care and precision. The choice of excellent ingredients offers a unique tasting experience, mixing creaminess, softness, but also robust and enveloping flavours. The preparation of recipe for this delicious dessert it begins with separating the eggs and whipping the egg whites until stiff, giving the tiramisu a light and fluffy consistency. The mascarpone is then worked with sugar until a smooth and elegant cream is obtained. The combination of the two creams forms the perfect base for the dessert. The distinctive touch is added with the infusion of Irish whiskey. The latter is delicately incorporated into the mascarpone cream, giving the preparation an enveloping aroma and a strong aftertaste. The layering of layers of cream and ladyfingers soaked in coffee, enriched by the presence of whisky, completes the preparation. For this reason, the Irish tiramisu with whiskey it is also known as drunken tiramisu. Pamper yourself and your guests with this delicacy! Our recipe will accompany you step by step!

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