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100 ways with mince

Got some mince in the cupboard? There are so many different mince recipes you can try.

Mince is versatile, cheap and very tasty. You can make so much with mince, the possibilities are endless. Rustle up comforting cottage pies, cook a batch of chilli con carne, try our veggie mince recipes or make homemade burgers – there’s plenty for everyone in our 100 ways with mince round-up.

When it comes to dinner, we know that you’re always looking for a bargain and mince is a great place to start. Cheaper to buy in bulk, mince can be frozen and usually defrosts within a day – so if there’s a deal on mince in your local supermarket, buy what you can and freeze what you don’t need at that moment. Just make sure you remember to take it out of the freezer beforehand and allow it to defrost otherwise dinner could be a disaster!

From beef mince to turkey mince, there are plenty of ways to turn this cut of meat into a healthy, hearty dinner that the whole family can enjoy. Mix with homemade sauces or even jars if it’s easier for you, along with plenty of veg and serve with pasta and cheese for a pasta bake, mash for a Shepherd’s pie or kidney beans and rice for a spicy chilli – there really are so many different ways to serve it!

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