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Raw Brussels sprouts ... in the salad

Not all vegetables and vegetables must necessarily be consumed after cooking: raw Brussels sprouts are in fact also ideal for preparing a delicious salad. Here is the recipe

There are vegetables that it is advisable to eat cooked (such as carrots), others that instead yield more – in nutritional terms – when eaten raw, such as fennel, spinach, cucumbers, red tomatoes, onions and – unexpectedly – the Brussels sprouts. Yes, because it has always been thought that these small green spheres must necessarily be cooked, but it is also possible to enjoy them raw, perhaps using them for the preparation of delicious salads. Here are some tips for serving raw Brussels sprouts, thus preserving their nutritional properties.

The great family of crucifers

Brussels sprouts are part of the vegetable family of cruciferous, or all those vegetables that make flowers with petals that form a sort of cross, like broccoli is cabbages. But that's not all: numerous other foods fall into this category, from rocket salad to the cauliflower. In all cases, these are foods with numerous beneficial properties and several important nutritional values. Just think of the vitamins B, B6, C and K, present in quantities that are far from negligible precisely in Brussels sprouts.

Salad with Brussels sprouts: what you need

There are so many ways to use a versatile ingredient like this in the kitchen. Brussels sprouts can in fact also be prepared in the oven or au gratin, but it is only eaten raw which can guarantee the greatest contribution to our body of all their countless property and beneficial substances. For a delicious Brussels sprout salad, side dish ideal for different dishes based on fish, but also of meat, you need to get 250 grams of these delicious vegetables, 50 grams of Pine nuts, half a white onion, one carrot, salt, lemon juice and olive oil.


Bringing this simple and tasty dish to the table is very easy. We start by cutting à la julienne carrot and half an onion; then wash, clean and thinly slice the Brussels sprouts and then add the toasted pine nuts. All that remains is to season everything with oil, salt and lemon juice and leave in fridge for about twenty minutes before serving. Wanting to ensure an even better and more intriguing taste thanks to this easy recipe, here are the two "secret" ingredients: apples is pecorino cheese. In fact, just add to the dish, before seasoning it, a sliced ​​apple and / or about 100 grams of pecorino grated to get a salad with Brussels sprouts to literally lick your lips.

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