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Functional drinks, drinking has never been so healthy

Drinks that are good? It can be done. Thanks to herbal science, to the many therapeutic properties of medicinal plants, and to contemporary mixology that in addition to the classic alcohol is more and more interested in infusions and herbal teas as a basis for trendy cocktails. Ingredients like nettle, birch and horsetail they have always been known for their purifying and draining properties, to be taken in the form of decoctions and herbal teas. Today they become special recipes made exclusively by La Cucina Italiana together with Pompadour for a non-alcoholic long drink to sip during the working day, at home or in the office.

Your daily hydration
There Pompadour draining herbal teaThanks to ingredients such as birch and thorny ononide, it encourages the process of diuresis and the elimination of excess liquids. Rich in fiber and mineral salts, this herbal tea is ideal to counteract the feeling of swelling, has a nice taste of mint and licorice and goes perfectly with ginger ale and a slice of cucumber. Perfect to keep on the desk for proper hydration throughout the day, to drink glass after glass.

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Your new coffee break
Excellent to accompany a lunch in the office or to say enough to the usual coffee break, the Pompadour Herbal Tea Depurative based on dandelion, chamomile and turmeric helps to eliminate toxins, reducing the sensation of swelling, but infused and mixed with pink grapefruit juice becomes a beautiful and delicious mocktail, the Skinny Pink.

Moringa: the new superfood

Have you ever heard of moringa? It is the new trendy super-drink: 9 essential amino acids, 27 vitamins, 46 different antioxidants and many minerals, contains more yoghurt proteins, more vitamin A than carrots and more vitamin C than oranges. Prevents aging thanks to its antioxidant properties, strengthens the immune system, helps to keep weight and blood pressure under control, especially in cases of hypertension. Warm in winter, spring and summer Tisana Pompadour Moringa and Lemongrass it becomes a mocktail that is an injection of energy, the Green Power mixed with some healthy cranberry juice. The new "tea of ​​the five" is this, perfect to end the day, when temperatures rise and you want to celebrate spring with something fresh.

To take care of yourself with phytotherapy you do not necessarily have to take pills or drink decoctions, there is a much more fun and convivial way: make a cocktail! Here are our recipes, explained step by step, made by the expert mixologist Alessandro Melis. Browse the gallery!

Skinny Pink
Virgin Mule
Green Power

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