artisanal nougat with almonds and honey, to celebrate Christmas in joy – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

artisanal nougat with almonds and honey, to celebrate Christmas in joy

The origins of Nougat they date back to ancient times, with historical traces linking it to various Mediterranean civilizations. Italy has been particularly influential in its evolution, and many regions of the country boast their own version of this Christmas cake. However, the version of the nougat with almonds and honey it is often associated with the southern regions of Italy, in particular with Sicily and to Calabria. Its preparation requires craftsmanship, with pastry chefs following traditions passed down from generation to generation.

The combination of high-quality toasted almonds, pure honey and sugar creates a unique contrast between aromatic crunchiness and softness. The tradition of consuming this crunchy dessert during the holiday season is rooted in celebrating special occasions and sharing sweets with friends and family. Nougat with almonds and honey often becomes a key element in gift baskets and festive tables, representing the generosity and abundance of the season. There roasting of dried fruit, which accentuates its flavour, the subsequent incorporation of sweet ingredients and the cooling process to obtain the right crunchy consistency are the fundamental secrets for a refined preparation. This dessert is often shaped into blocks or bars, which are subsequently cut into small pieces for distribution and consumption. Presentation may vary, with some variations including one layer of chocolate on the bottom side to add further complexity to the flavour. Prepare the nougat with almonds and honey with us and you will ensure a Christmas that is nothing short of exquisite.

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