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Who says it has to be a quarter, a quarter and half? And ‘like I am gluten and wheat intolerant and pasta makes me fat!!’ Why does this article have to revolve around you and your fat? If you’re only buying enough meat to fill a quarter of two plates and enough veg to fill half then how on earth do you manage to spend £70 a week??? Family of 6 here and my lot eat plenty of fruit, veg and good quality meat. I never spend £70!

Penny Lane Stuart

Where are all the veggies??? A plate should be ONE quarter meat, ONE quarter starch, ie rice, pasta and HALF veg! Would be nice to see a good week plan for those of us who NEED veggies, like I am gluten and wheat intolerant and pasta makes me fat!! 🙁 There are opnly two of us but I am trolling internet cos we can’t seem to shop for less than £70 a week and this is AFTER buying loads of the budget brands!!


Has anyone recipes for a good diet for a gout sufferer?

GTK recipes ed

Hi Josie, Have you seen our Brighton Rock Buns? http://www.goodtoknow.co.uk/recipes/276900/Brighton-rock-buns They’re similar to rock cakes and you could always replace the currants with raspberries. Let us know if this is the sort of recipe you were looking for 🙂


Please can you help me. When I was at school50 odd years ago we made some buns called raspberry buns. I think they are like rock cakes. Have you a recipe for them please.


This is so useful! I’d also like to have lunch ideas for the weekend though and some cheap and not too difficult to make desserts. As a family, we eat porridge with fruit/syrup and toast in the morning which is dirt cheap (and healthy!) so my weekly shop isn’t really increased by breakfast. And for lunch, the kids eat at school and my husband and I buy sandwiches, expensive yes but for convenience it’s worth it and I’d rather save on my main shop than make lunch each day too – couldnt face that!


Some good meal ideas and the recipes are all easy to follow, but will there be more weekly menus?


Good idea and i have tried and tested a few of the recipes but i agree – it’s expensive and one meal per day definately doesn’t feed my family for &#194&#16340.


Some good recipes there, but have to agree with others, what do you feel your family for the other 2 meals?


i think that &#194&#16320per head is quite expensive for a week. i run a cafe supplying an alternative to meals on wheels but i make them nicer and bigger portions and i can do this for just over &#194&#1632.00 per person per meal. this works out at &#194&#16314.70 per week. and dont forget that you still have to buy for breakfast,lunch and any snacks so be careful you’ve checked all the extras also.

Elaine sanders

the recepies sound nice but i cant have spicy food due to health problems


yes this is a good idea, but not if you are on a gluten and dairy free diets, then the costs of buying the speicel foods you need it has almost doubled, un less you are one of the lucky one’s who get most of the basics from the doctors, if not you are looking at &#194&#16360 plus for a week


I agree, great idea doing the shopping list and everything, but is there only ever going to be this one week’s shopping? I did this over a month ago and i’ve had to fend for myself since!!!


great stuff! But are you going to carry on giving us weekly menus?? I’m certainly going to give this one a try. Thank you


Recepies are excellent but one meal a day doesn’t feed a family for &#194&#16340.

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