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182979 "src =" https://www.salepepe.it/files/2020/09/77A4653copiablog-800x1180.jpg "width =" 210 Gabila's Porridge

An amaranth porridge with yogurt, caramelized currants and slices of apples. Gabila Gerardi (@panedolcealcioccolato) prepared it for a light and gluten-free breakfast based on fruit.

Depending on the time of year it can be made in a cold or hot version, varying the garnish with seasonal fruit.

For those who fear not to find amaranth, Gabila suggests using oats, a great classic of the Anglo-Saxon breakfast.

182980 "src =" https://www.salepepe.it/files/2020/09/IMG_4470.jpg "width =" 210The repost of Sale & Pepe

Lemon curd ice cream is Anastasia Zurabova's lemon ice cream, known on Instagram as @AZOURABOVA. She is Anastasia Zurabova, a culinary bestselling author who specializes in simple yet surprisingly delicious desserts.

We couldn't resist its slightly retro touch and shared it with you on Instagram.

182983 "src =" https://www.salepepe.it/files/2020/09/latteegrappa.png "width =" 175 "height =" 218SUCCESS STORIES:

thousands of views for TASTY VEGETABLES by Lidia

For the Lidia vegetable pan, known to everyone on Instagram as @latteegrappa, was inspired by the recipe of Sale & Pepe.

His friends liked his post.

And also to our followers. Excellent interpretation!

182981 "src =" https://www.salepepe.it/files/2020/09/Protagonisti-1-1-e1601311799311.png "width =" 241 "height =" 101Cooked by you

182982 "src =" https://www.salepepe.it/files/2020/09/6.png "width =" 190 "height =" 337In evidence – Your Salt & Pepper

and your stories show us that we are with you almost everywhere and in many different moments. Not only in the kitchen, but also on the beach, at the bar, in the living room … In the photo

Sale & Pepe is with @ debora.possenti_nutrizionista still in smart working.

In our stories we always try to share shots and videos, in which you show us your Sale & Pepe … we like being there with you!

Barbara Roncarolo
expansion of the Foodstylelovers section
on Sale & Pepe of August 2020

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Recipe Chickpea porridge, avocado, radishes and mixed salad – Italian Cuisine

Recipe Chickpea porridge, avocado, radishes and mixed salad

  • 250 g chickpea flour
  • 60 g mixed salad
  • 3 radishes
  • 2 avocados
  • lemon
  • lemon balm (alternatively basil)
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt fine and flakes

Jumbled up chickpea flour with 750 g of water, until you get a smooth batter; let it rest for 2 hours.
Remove from the batter the foam that will have formed on the surface (in the oven it would tend to caramelize, hindering the cooking of the interior). With a whisk, mix 40 g of oil and 7 g of fine salt.
distributed the mixture in 3 round trays (ø 20 cm) with a 2 cm rim and bake at 220 ° C for about 10 minutes.
Peel avocados, cut them into slices, salt and season with 1/2 lemon juice. Wash radishes and cut them into slices.
distributed the mixed salad on the porridge, completed with radishes and avocado, and flavored with salt flakes and a few leaves of lemon balm (or basil).

It?s that time of year?

  • 1

    Andrea@WellnessNotes[1] — December 22, 2013 @ 5:57 pm[2]

    Beautiful dishes!
    Happy Holidays, Pam!


  • 2

    Joanne[4] — December 22, 2013 @ 6:17 pm[5]

    Merry Christmas!!


  • 3

    Blond Duck[7] — December 22, 2013 @ 7:36 pm[8]

    That blueberry breakfast thing sounds great!


  • 4

    Pamela @ Brooklyn Farm Girl[10] — December 22, 2013 @ 8:42 pm[11]

    I hope you have a lovely holiday, be sure to take some time and relax!


  • 5

    Larry[13] — December 23, 2013 @ 3:29 am[14]

    Enjoy your holiday break Pam &ndash; see you when you get back.


  • 6

    Jenn[16] — December 23, 2013 @ 4:21 am[17]

    Enjoy your break, Pam!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!!!


  • 7

    vanillasugarblog[19] — December 23, 2013 @ 5:11 pm[20]

    Merry Christmas to you.
    Thank you for always leaving such wonderful comments on my blog.
    How long have we been blogging?
    Has it been that long?


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