Mother’s Day Sunday lunches

Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to get the family together and cook a hearty meal that everyone can enjoy together. From a succulent leg of lamb to a tender roast chicken, we’ve got plenty of Mother’s Day meals for you to try out this Mothering Sunday.

We’ve chosen simple and delicious recipes that you can leave in the oven to cook on a low heat whilst you enjoy the company of your family with a glass of bubbly or a warming cuppa.

From Sunday lunch favourites to vegetarian show-stoppers, there are plenty of ways to make a fuss this Mother’s Day. With the grandparents and kids all under one roof – it’ll be just like Christmas (minus the funny paper hats) and of course you’ll be getting all the fuss as it’s your day!

Our selection of recipes are so easy to make, your hubby might even volunteer to be chef for the day (well there’s no harm in a little wishful thinking!) so get the good china out, get that wonky stool from the cupboard under the stairs and make this Mother’s Day one to remember with our tasty and tempting collection of Mother’s Day meals.

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