Food Glorious Food

We’re very excited about the new TV show Food Glorious Food. With presenter Carol Vorderman and judges Loyd Grossman, Tom Parker Bowles, Anne Harrison and Stacie Stewart on the panel, plenty of eager contenders competing for the winning crown and lots of delicious British food, we’re sure this show is going to be right up your street.


Setting out to find Britain’s best dish, ITV have teamed up with Simon Cowell and M&S for a show-stopping prize. Not only will the winner’s dish will be sold in M&S, they will also win a whopping £20,000!


The judges will travel around Britain and the competitors will come armed with their one star dish to present to the panel. They will only have one shot to impress the judges and will get a thumbs up or a thumbs down for their dish.

Not just for professionals, home
bakers can enter too and we can’t wait to see all the sweet and savoury creations. The show will be visiting plenty of locations up and down the country and will reveal some national treasures which is sure to get you craving treats – so fill up the fridge in advance!


Now it’s time to meet the judges…


Loyd Grossman


Who? Loyd Grossman is a 62-year-old food connoisseur who’s been a restaurant critic, presenter and journalist. He has his own food brand, which is one of the UK’s leading brands, was the first presenter of MasterChef in 1990, which he worked on for 10 years, and he’s even received an OBE for his services in improving the quality of food in NHS hospitals – wow!

Loyd says: He is looking forward to meeting people who have the same taste. Let’s hope he won’t be disappointed!


Stacie Stewart


Who? Stacie Stewart is a 30-year-old former MasterChef finalist (Series 6) who owns a very successful bakery called the Beehive Bakery. She is a self-taught cook from Sunderland who has always had a passion for baking and has many blogs and websites showing off her talent. She’s recently published a new book, Stacie Bakes, and is known locally for her 34-inch high beehive-style hair.

Stacie says: She joined the show to find the ‘wow’ factor, something special and what other shows miss out on. We hope you find what you’re looking for, Stacie!


Tom Parker Bowles

Who? Tom Parker Bowles is a 38-year-old food historian and critic, who is also the son of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall (so everyone should be on their best behaviour in the presence of royalty!). He has been rather successful in the publishing business and has many cookbooks including E Is For Eating – An Alphabet of Greed.

Tom says: He decided to join the show for one simple reason – he just loves food – especially food that has been perfected over years and years and this show is all about that. He loves the history of the food too – so we think being a judge on Food Glorious Food is sure to tick all his boxes.


Anne Harrison

Who? Anne Harrison is a 69-year-old Vice Chair of the Women’s Institute. The W.I. is a British, community-based organisation which was first established in 1915 during the First World War which encouraged women to produce and grow their own food during this hard time. Anne is now one of the leading ladies in keeping this tradition alive and is a very passionate foodie and avid baker.

Anne says: She is more than excited about joining the show. She says she’s going to be a fair judge and not hurt anyone’s feelings to their face – we’ll hold you to that, Anne!


Food Glorious Food starts on Wednesday 27th February, ITV1 at 8pm.


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