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Top cake recipes for May

There’s no time of the year when we don’t fancy a bit of cake! May baking is all about fresh fruits and fun summery twists – well the summer’s almost here, right?

We’ve rounded up the most popular cake recipes to make this month – as chosen by you. Click through the 20 top cake recipes on goodtoknow.

Seasonal berries and citrus flavours like lemon, lime and orange give sponges a lovely fresh twist, while cupcake designs and decorations are a great way to have a little fun this May.

So what cake recipe will you be trying? We have 20 delicious ideas for you to choose from. Fancy something chocolaty? Our Maltesers chocolate cake is always a winner! More in a fruity mood? Our cherry and marzipan cake is an all-round crowd-pleaser.

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Cake recipes

Welcome to goodtoknow’s collection of amazing cake recipes. We’re here to help you decide which cake to make – there are so many options! 


When making a cake, there are 4 things you need to ask yourself to find the perfect cake recipe.



Why am I making a cake?


Wedding, party, special occasion – or just fancy doing some baking?


If you’re baking for a party or a gathering you need to take into account everyone’s different tastes and dietary needs so sometimes a classic cake such as lemon drizzle or Victoria sponge is a safe bet. It’s also a good idea to check if you will need to make egg-free, dairy-free or gluten-free cakes – it can be done!


If you’re just baking for you and the family, you can have a little fun – why not try that tricky recipe you’ve always wanted to? No one needs to know if it doesn’t go right! 



What type of cake do I want to make? 


A classic two-tier sponge, loaf cake, tray bake, cupcake, there are many different types of cake you can make. 


If you’re new to baking, a one-tier cake, loaf cake or tray bake are the easiest to try as you simply pour all the ingredients into one tray.


A two-tier cake will require a little assembly but is relatively easy and cupcakes are a fun way to make a cake and are easy to serve up to guests.


If you want a challenge, try a triple-layer cake or a Battenburg cake.  



What flavour cake do I want? 


Ahh flavour, the most important part of any cake recipe. The classics are popular for a reason so if you’re unsure – vanilla, lemon and chocolate are a safe bet. 


Adding different fruits and vegetables (yes vegetables!) to the mix can bring interesting flavours – banana, apple and carrot are the most obvious but you can put pretty much any fruit into a cake and more vegetables than you might think – have you ever tried courgette cake? 


You can also buy flavourings from the supermarket which can add a nice dimension of flavour. Rose water and elderflower are some examples and you can also get fruit flavourings for a stronger burst of flavour.



How do I want to decorate my cake? 


Not all cakes need any decoration or icing but if you want to add a little topping to your cake, there are more decisions to make. 


A simple icing is sometimes all you need to finish off your cake. Royal icing, buttercream, cream cheese frosting can be spread onto a sponge to add a layer of flavour. 


If you want to try a bit of cake decorating, it’s time to break out the fondant. Ready made fondant and modelling paste can be bought from most supermarkets, in a variety of colours, and can be shaped into any designs you can think of (with a little practise!) 



So whatever cake you have decided to make, we’ll have the recipe for you. Search your desired cake recipe in the search bar above or scroll through our hundreds of easy cake recipes to get a little more inspiration. 


Happy baking! 

Our 10 best sandwich cake recipes

Why just have one cake when you can have two sandwiched together? Sandwich cakes are an easy cake recipe to start baking with – and they’re a perfect way to give your sponge extra flavour.

Bake two (or three, or four) sponges of your favourite cake and sandwich them together to create a baking masterpiece.

Cooking thiner, separate layers rather than a whole, hearty cake also ensures that your sponges cook quicker and more evenly, which is why sandwich cakes are perfect for first-time bakers or if you’re trying a new oven you’re not familiar with.

The filling is the fun part! You can sandwich your cakes together with jam, buttercream, fruit or even chocolate – the choice is yours! You can give your cake any flavour you wish by using a inventive filling or combination of ingredients.

Make your cake the tastiest yet by trying one of our easy and delicious sandwich cake recipes – which one of these 10 beauties will you be trying?

Top tips for sandwich cakes:

  • Make sure the sponges are made using the same size tin and have an equal share of the mixture.
  • Allow sponges to cool before assembling.
  • If the sponges have raised slightly, slice the top off one of the sponges to create an even base for the filling and top layer.
  • Make sure your filling is not too runny as the sponges will slide.

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