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Mango to discover: benefits, properties and recipes – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

The mango with an ultra-millennial history, it comes from India and over time has established itself as the exotic fruit par excellence, with cultivations also in Sicily and Calabria – just like avocado, we strongly recommend preferring Italian origin. A powerful product of nature with numerous nutritional properties and guaranteed benefits for humans, mango is also a versatile ingredient in the kitchen.

Mango nutrients

Oval and long shape, with colors ranging from red to green and yellow also based on ripeness, mango is very rich in water and minerals such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium and magnesium. The most important content, however, is represented by a powerful one antioxidant named lupeol, which would be able to counteract the cancerous cells that can affect the lungs, breasts, colon and prostate, particularly affecting the mental conditions with which the related therapies are addressed. Furthermore, lupeol is also good for the muscles cardiacpromoting blood circulation, and slows down the aging process skin.

Benefits for the whole body

But the important reserves of mango also play in favor of the mango vitamins A, B, C, D, E, J and K. The high presence of the first guarantees benefits a teetheyes and internal mucous membranes, while vitamin C strengthens the immune system and helps the body absorb iron. Thanks to vitamin B, however, mango is also used in the aesthetic field to treat acne and dry skin, as well as compresses for hair against split ends and dryness.

Against stress

With its pulp that helps you sleep well at night, mango is also rich in fibers: therefore it is a good remedy against constipation and better intestinal transit. This fruit, again, counteracts water retention and represents an important source of energy, considering that mango has 55 kcal per 100 grams of pulp. Thanks to beta-carotenehowever, mango is ideal during the summer to stimulate melanin, as well as being recommended by many experts for those suffering from depression or nervousness, or even for those who lead a particularly stressful life.


In short, mango is good for the body and mind, even if there is no shortage of contraindications. Due to thehigh presence of sugars for example, mango is not particularly suitable for diabetics, while, being rich in fibre, it is best not to overdo it with its certainly good and fresh flavour. In fact, if consumed in excessive quantities, the positive laxative actions of mango can cause diarrhea and colitis.

Mango to discover beneficial properties and recipes
Carpaccio of amberjack, lime and mango

A refined and original second course for your fish-based dinners: discover how to prepare amberjack, lime and mango carpaccio with our recipe

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Soft mango cake with Greek yogurt

For this cake we didn’t turn on the oven. By using the pressure cooker with the valve raised and adding a small dose of bicarbonate of soda to the dough, you can prepare very soft desserts, bread and pizzas: the effect obtained is that of a steam oven.

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Mango to discover beneficial properties and recipes
Cold mango cream with crunchy chickpeas

A cold dish to be enjoyed as an opening to lunches and dinners on hot summer days

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Mango to discover beneficial properties and recipes
Cucumber tzatziki with almonds and mango

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Mango to discover beneficial properties and recipes
Mafalde with shells, mango and vanilla

Mussels, clams, cockles, razor clams and sea truffles. Here they are all brought together in a wonderful dish that takes us back to our minds on holiday

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How to eat mango
Tart with mango and kiwi ribbons

A fresh and colorful tart that we have embellished with thin ribbons of fruit, to give movement and refinement to the dessert

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pasta salad cold pasta
Salad of ringlets, molluscs, cucumber and mango

A cold vegetable-sea pasta that will appeal to adults and children alike, also thanks to the pasta shape that makes everyone feel like a child again

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Salmon tartare with avocado and mango
Salmon tartare, avocado and mango

A dish with an exotic touch, light and tasty, to spoil ourselves and our guests: discover the recipe for salmon tartare with avocado and mango

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Mango to discover beneficial properties and recipes
Baked turbot, sour turnips, roasted mango

The acidic note and mango scents make you dream of exotic destinations and journeys of immense flavour

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Mango to discover beneficial properties and recipes
Cat tongues and mango ice cream

Fresh mango ice cream served on thin layers of buttery, crunchy cat tongues. A perfect dessert to end a lunch or dinner with elegance

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Cranberry juice: all the benefits and recipes for using it in the kitchen – Italian Cuisine

Cranberry juice: all the benefits and recipes for using it in the kitchen

A beneficial drink as are the small fruits from which it is obtained. Here are the properties of cranberry juice to be used also in delicious recipes

It is not always possible to find i when shopping blueberries, Especially if it's not the right season. To enjoy the countless property of these fruits all year round, however, there is blueberry juice. Perfect for breakfast, for a snack, for post-workout, it is refreshing, delicious and beneficial.

The properties of blueberries

Their blue color suggests it: blueberries are rich in anthocyanins, pigments with antioxidant properties able to act on the microcirculation and protect the vascular system by counteracting the fragility of capillaries, but also varicose veins and water retention.

These substances are also good for view and fight there eye fatigue acting on the capillaries of the retina. Blueberries are also rich in C vitamin And fibers and have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, refreshing, astringent, tonic, diuretic properties.

Cranberry juice and recipes

When you buy the blueberry juice consider whether to prefer the one with only fruit sugars e with no added sugar. There is also the juice of cranberry with fewer properties, mainly diuretic and refreshing.

Cranberry juice can also be made at home starting from fresh fruits and then it can also be used in delicious recipes like those that we propose below.

Chicken broth, properties and benefits – Italian Cuisine

Chicken broth, properties and benefits

A preparation rich in nutrients that can prove useful not only in case of flu or cold, but also in pregnancy and breastfeeding

A simple preparation to find some heat during winter season, an important component of several traditional recipes of Italian regional cuisine, a valid help to find relief from a seasonal ailment. The chicken broth, rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, is our faithful ally at the table not only in terms of taste. Let's find out together how it can be useful for our well-being.

Influence? There is the chicken broth!

As already mentioned, one of the benefits of chicken broth is that it is particularly effective in contrast of the flu. While obviously not a drug, its essential amino acids make an important contribution to our immune system. The hot chicken broth can relieve cold symptoms thanks to the steam decongesting the respiratory tract. Generally, thanks to its important nutrient dowry, this broth is highly indicated for the recovery of "debilitated" people in convalescence.

Benefits for mothers and children

The proteins contained in the broth provide a contribution essential during pregnancy and breastfeeding for the construction of the tissues of the fetus and, subsequently, to strengthen the mother and baby with essential nutrients. Properly degreased with a skimmer or by solidification thanks to the cold, the chicken broth is a cholesterol-free preparation, as well as highly moisturizing given the high presence of water. If, on the other hand, there is no "degreasing", the chicken broth could prove useful in dealing with constipation: the fat contained in it is a valid remedy against the stagnation of feces in the intestines.


For this very reason, the chicken broth is highly rated not recommended for people suffering from gastroenteritis. Even in the case of gastritis, broth should be avoided: by slowing down the action of gastric juices, it can hinder the digestive process. Furthermore, the liver could have something to say in case of excessive or frequent intake of chicken broth, given its decisive role in the treatment and assimilation of proteins. We must also pay particular attention to the raw material, to quality of the chicken itself, to the ways in which it was raised and fed: the fertilizers used in the animal's diet can not only affect the organoleptic level, but, if added with drugs and antibiotics, can also have long-term consequences on human health.

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