How is Tajine used? – Italian Cuisine

How is Tajine used?

How is Tajine used?
How is Tajine used?
How is Tajine used?
How is Tajine used?

If you have been on holiday in Morocco surely you will have tasted dishes prepared with the use of Tajine. This terracotta pot, often decorated and multicolored, has a particular shape: it is composed of a fairly large plate, where the ingredients to be cooked are placed, and a cone-shaped lid which allows the condensation that forms inside to go downwards. Let's find out more about the Tajine and how to use it to prepare delicious dishes.

Tajine: what is it?

The name Tajine indicates both the pot and the dish that thanks to it is prepared. Originally, cooking took place placing the Tajine on the coals, while today the dishes have a metal base, so that they can be placed on home gas stove. There cooking it's at slow fire, in this way the vegetables are flavored and the meat it becomes a lot tender and fragrant. The difference compared to other pots is that the conical shape causes the vapors to condense and fall back on the foods they are cooking, thus keeping inside the Tajine the aromas that are usually lost and making the taste of the dishes even more intense. Cooking thus does not provide for some kind of condiments and can also be defined lightbecause it is almost al vapor. The use of spices does the rest.

The tricks for using the Tajine

Given the very long duration of cooking that takes place through the use of Tajine, it is important to ensure that the ingredients you want to prepare moisture, or adding a cup of water before placing the pot on the stove or choosing ingredients that release it. Place in the middle of the Tajine the ingredients with longer cooking, it is there that the heat will be maximum, and keep the low fire. Do not worry then if you will see steam coming out of the pot, it is normal and is a guarantee of the right cooking method. The first time you use the Tajine to try to put it on your stove, if you think it is not positioned well buy a retina frangifiamma that will also help to better spread the heat on the bottom of the pot.

Which dishes can I prepare with Tajine?

The most famous and well known dishes that are prepared with the Tajine are the MQualli, based on chicken with lemon and olives, the Kefta (ie literally minced meat, lamb or beef or both, flavored with spices and onion and turned into meatballs), and Mrouzia (lamb meat sweetened with honey and raisins, which is served with spices and toasted almonds.). The basic ingredients are spices, such as turmeric, ginger, saffron, pepper, garlic, which add a lot of flavor to the ingredients. Eggs are also often used, as in Tajine bel-bayd (stewed with eggs).

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