New ideas for Mother’s Day biscuits

Biscuits are the perfect treat for Mother’s Day so we thought we’d see how many new ideas we could come up with using our classic vanilla biscuit recipe. These inventive treats would make the perfect present for your mum or will be fun to make with your own kids on March 10th.



Flower pot biscuits 


The inspiration for these cute flower pot biscuits came from Lakeland’s brilliant Flower Pot Muffin cases. All you need is a flower cookie cutter, some pots and a little imagination! We filled the pots with crumbled chocolate chip cookies to look like soil and moulded some leaves with a little green sugar paste. These would be perfect for gardening-loving mums. Go wild with the decoration on the biscuits and decorate with as much icing and sprinkles as you fancy.


Egg and soldier biscuits 



Breakfast in bed is a classic Mother’s Day treat but it doesn’t have to be a savoury affair! We made some soldiers out of strips of biscuits (dunked in choc, of course!) and substituted the standard egg for a Creme Egg. Calories don’t count on Mother’s Day, didn’t you know?


Cheesecake biscuits 


These cheesecake biscuits would make the perfect light dessert after a heavy Mother’s Day meal. The vanilla biscuit base is topped with a light cream cheese frosting. Allow to chill for about 20 mins and voila – a speedy cheat’s cheesecake! 


Gift tag biscuits 


Give your Mother’s Day present a delicious finish by adding an edible gift tag. Why use a normal paper one when you can have a biscuit one? Pierce a hole into the biscuit where you’d want the string or ribbon to go before baking and decorate with the name once cooled. 


Rhubarb and custard biscuits 


Is your mum a fan of the classic sweets? It’s easy to transfer the flavours to biscuits. We took inspiration from custard cremes and flavoured the biscuit and buttercream filling with custard powder and sandwiched it together with a tangy rhubarb compote – delicious doesn’t even begin to cover it! 


Giant Mother’s Day biscuit 


We’re all for supersizing our favourite eats and if she’s anything like ours, then your mum deserves a MASSIVE treat this Mother’s Day. We baked this giant biscuit using a heart-shaped cake tin and decorated with simple sprinkles and chocolate hearts from Dr Oetker. 


Popcorn biscuits 


If you’re giving your mum a DVD or box-set for Mother’s Day, a freshly cooked batch of popcorn biscuits makes the perfect movie accompaniment. The popcorn adds a delicious smoky crunch to the biscuits and they’re simply divine topped with a little ready made caramel. Simply add crushed popcorn (we used fresh microwave popcorn) to the dough before cutting – salted popcorn would work well with the caramel topping. 


Mother’s Day biscuit card


You can’t eat a real Mother’s Day card but this tasty treat is two things in one! Bake a plain slab of biscuit in a baking tray, top with fondant icing and grab some writing icing (we used Dr Oetker) and write out your message. Thoughtful and delicious! 


Hidden centre biscuits 


These tasty bites have a little secret! There’s a surprise filling just waiting beneath the surface –   watch Mum’s face as she bites into one to find the hidden centre! We wrapped biscuit dough around a raspberry, baked and cooled then dipped in white chocolate to make the biscuit above and for the biscuit below, we placed a spoonful of ready made caramel in the middle of two small circles of biscuit dough, sealed the edges and baked. 



Rainbow biscuits 


Cute, fun and vibrant, these rainbow biscuits are perfect for baking with the kids and they’re not as tricky as you might think. Divide your biscuit dough into 6 even balls and colour them with some gel food colour (we used Dr Oetker). Then roll or cut out thin strips of each colour and shape them into a rainbow. Adding the colouring might make the dough a little wet, so just add more flour to balance this out. 


Jewellery biscuits 


Can’t afford to buy your mum some real jewellery? These biscuits are (almost) as good as the real thing! Simply roll up balls of biscuit dough and shape them into a necklace and earrings. Once baked, we allowed ours to cool and sprayed it with some gold shimmer spray (Dr Oetker) and a little dollop of red writing icing for the rubies. 


Strawberry fondue biscuits 


Strawberry biscuits dunked melted chocolate – need we say more! Flavour the biscuits with chunks of strawberries and cut into triangles (we made a template from cardboard so ours were all even). Then simply top with red and green icing and dunk into some hot melted chocolate…mmmmmm….


Ice cream sandwiches 


We love ice cream sandwiches but they’re a little fiddly to make! Once the biscuits are baked (we coloured ours with food gel), leave them to cool and then sandwich with some really, really frozen ice cream then roll in sprinkles (we used neon sprinkles from Dr Oetker). As you can see from our photo, the ice cream melts very quickly but they’re still pretty damn delicious! 


Bacon and maple syrup biscuits 


Another breakfast in bed idea – this tasty stack may look like a stack on pancakes but it’s actually biscuits! The maple syrup brings together the saltiness of the bacon and the sweetness of the biscuit – if you wanted to you could even include some chopped up bacon in the biscuit dough. 


Tea bag biscuits 


Does your mum love a good brew? These tea bag biscuits will be right up her street. Infused with earl grey tea and cut into tea bag shapes, the biscuits would be lovely served with a pot of tea with breakfast in bed. You could even add strings to the biscuits and serve them in a tea cup. 


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By Holly Arnold & Jessica Dady

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