18 eggtastic ideas for Easter

Think Easter – think Easter eggs? You’ll love our new inventions for Easter egg-themed cooking! Cakes, biscuits and even no-bake treats for the kids, there’s so much chocolatey goodness here…




Easter nest cake



Easter nests are a childhood favourite of ours and so simple to make – but, as always, our mind went straight to cake! This Easter nest cake is covered in a layer of white chocolate, then topped with a traditional Easter nest mix and as many mini eggs and we could get our hands on! 


Giant Easter cookie


Cookies are just so much better when they’re giant! Take one giant egg cookie cutter from Lakeland (or shape the dough with your hands), bake up a batch of our scrummy vanilla cookies recipe and decorate to look like your dream Easter egg. 


Deep fried Creme Eggs


So naughty but so, so nice, you may have heard of deep fried Mars Bars but how about an Easter twist? The melting middle of these crispy bites is a little mouthful of chocolate heaven. We won’t talk about the calories if you won’t….


Easter egg brownies 


How do you improve brownies I hear you ask – squish Easter eggs into them, of course! We’ve given our delicious brownie recipe an Easter twist. Baked until almost ready, we then pushed some of our Easter faves into each slice. Creme eggs and mini eggs were our choice – what would yours be? 


Get the recipe: Easter egg brownies


Rice Krispie chocolate eggs 


It’s great to get the kids involved in the kitchen during Easter and we made these cute Rice Krispie chocolate eggs with just a little melted chocolate (leave to cool before those little hands get involved) and some cereal. Shaped with an egg-shaped cookie cutter, we placed a mini egg into the centre before they went into the fridge. So speedy and so tasty.


Easter egg cake


Easter cakes are so much fun to bake and we thought we’d go one step further and make a cake shaped like an actual Easter egg. We used an oval-shaped tin and covered the finished cake in two layers of melted chocolate (well, it is Easter!) and topped with pretty pastel dots and a bow. This naughty cake has a super-sweet hidden centre – we just couldn’t resist making it a rainbow cake, it’s our new favourite thing! 



Hidden Creme Egg biscuits 


What’s that inside the biscuit, you say? A Creme Egg? Go on then! Shape biscuit dough around a mini Creme Egg and bake. Delicious hot or cold, cut into a freshly-baked one and watch the chocolate ooze out. 


Easter egg chocolate slabs 


If you don’t have the patience to make your own Easter eggs, these are the next best thing. Chocolate slabs are a great base to attach all your loved ones’ favourite ingredients. Simply tape down a cookie cutter to a piece of greaseproof paper, pour in some melted chocolate, throw on some sweets and set in the fridge. If it looks like the chocolate is seeping out, weigh the cutter down with a small bowl/plate. 


Fried egg cake 


How do you make an Easter egg even better? Fill it with cake! We made our own Easter eggs (using a very handy mould from Lakeland) and filled it with a cake and buttercream filling (like what you’d use for a cake pop recipe). We thought it would be cute to top the egg halves with a little fondant egg as well! 


Easter egg biscuit pops


We just love food on sticks and these biscuit pops are no exception. Cut with a egg cookie cutter and dunk it in chocolate, they’re a really fun base to decorate with the kids. We baked cookies with the sticks in but you can attach after with a little melted chocolate, if you wish. 


Marbled mini eggs 


These mini eggs might not have the hard outer shell of the shop-bought favourites but that doesn’t mean they’re any less delicious. A pretty marble effect is easy to achieve, simply swirl white and milk chocolate into a mini egg mould (thanks again to Lakeland) and leave to set. These would be lovely atop an Easter cake. 


Creme Egg characters  


Hello there! Creme Eggs aren’t just for eating – you can make fun little characters with them too! A little coloured fondant, a whole lot of imagination and voila! 


Hidden centre Easter eggs 


If you are making Easter eggs from scratch – why not include a surprise hidden centre? We opted for melted marshmallow and little lemon curd but you could add melted white chocolate, fruit or even mini eggs! 


Easter egg choco-pops


Chocoholic? Don’t let biscuit or cake get in your way – make some pure choc lollipops. Place a lollipop stick on some greaseproof paper, drizzle a circle (or egg-shaped) dollop of chocolate onto it, press in some lovely toppings and leave in the fridge to set. Simple! 


Giant Easter nest 



Every child’s dream! This giant Easter nest is a lot less fiddly to construct that the standard mini ones – and you can fit loads more mini eggs inside! We placed a layer of grass (well, green-coloured coconut) underneath for a earthy twist. 


Fried egg biscuits 


Fancy an egg? These simple biscuit toppers turn plain biscuit dough into a fun Easter treat. Simply cut out cookies using a egg-shaped biscuit cookie cutter and top with a layer of white fondant and a circle of yellow. 



Creme Egg milkshake 


Are you so obsessed with Creme Eggs you wish you could drink them? Well, know you can… kind of. We took inspiration from milkshake shop Shakeaway and combined our favourite Easter treat with a little vanilla ice cream (4 tbsp) and some milk (roughly half a glass) and blended to make this delicious creation. 



Easter egg cake pops 


These may look like chocolate eggs on sticks but they’re actually cake pops! Crumble up some cake and blend with a little buttercream (or melted chocolate) to make egg-shaped balls and then dunk in chocolate. Fun and so much easier to eat! 


Don’t forget to send us in your Easter treats for your chance to win these amazing Russell Hobbs goodies


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By Holly Arnold & Jessica Dady with thanks to Lakeland, Hobbycraft and Dr Oetker

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