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Marbled donut | Yummy Recipes – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Marbled donut |  Yummy Recipes

There marbled donut it is a succulent two-tone dessert to be devoured in the morning for a substantial breakfast or as a snack for a super snack. It’s not very easy to prepare, but the result looks like a work of art!

In fact, its design depends a bit on chance: after making it, you will want to marble any other type of donutfrom that with orange and yogurt to that at chocolate.

This two-coloured donut is perfect for breakfast, or in any case for being dipped in milk or tea, as the English and Americans usually do, who instead call this chocolate cake marble cake.

In Italy it is also known as donut day and night, precisely for the play of colors that emerges from the meeting of the two chocolates. Call it what you want, but give it the marble effect your guests expect!

Marble cake can also be made with vegetable milkwhether it is soy, almond or oat: since the butter is already there, it does not require large quantities of additional fats or oils, so it will still satisfy you even with lighter milk.

And in case you want another version lighter of this colorful donut, replace the butter with sunflower oil!

Marbled red velvet donut – Recipe by – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Marbled red velvet donut - Recipe by Misya

First, cream the butter with the sugar, then add the eggs 1 at a time, then half the flour sifted with the yeast.
Finally add the yogurt, salt, remaining flour and vanilla.

Divide the mixture into 2 bowls and add the food coloring to one of the 2.

Pour the mixture by spoonfuls into the buttered and floured mould, alternating red batter and normal batter, then mix lightly with a toothpick to obtain the marbled effect.
Then cook for approximately 40-45 minutes in a static oven preheated to 180°C, then remove from the oven and leave to cool completely.

Prepare the icing by combining egg white, icing sugar and lemon juice in a bowl and mixing until you obtain a fluid and homogeneous mixture.

Then pour the icing over the donut, letting it run a little along the edges.

The marbled red velvet donut is ready, all you have to do is decorate it with currants, let the icing dry and serve.

Marbled donut with raspberries and chocolate – Italian Cuisine

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Marbled donut with raspberries and chocolate – Sale & Pepe

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