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Porchetta di Ariccia: among the 5 unmissable dishes in the world according to the New York Times – Italian Cuisine


It has very ancient origins and is a typical product of Central Italy. It is made with the meat of female pigs that is massaged with salt, pepper, rosemary and garlic and then stitched. It can be enjoyed alone or accompanied with bread, bread sticks, pizzas


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Many contend for the authorship of porchetta, one of the most popular street foods, which the New York Times has even included among the five typical dishes not to be missed in the world. Beyond the controversies, the village of Ariccia sui Castelli Romani can boast a millenary tradition, apparently dating back to Latins, for the production of this roast of pig spread throughout the center of Italy (Tuscany, Lazio, Umbria and Marche above all, but also Romagna and Abruzzo).

To be enjoyed in fraschette
And it is in the Ariccino territory preparing the Porchetta Igp, to be enjoyed all year round in the typical "fraschette"(ancient taverns) of the Castles, and in September in the historic Sagra, with costumed procession and throwing of stuffed sandwiches from a wagon in front of the Town Hall. To Ariccia many historical porchettari follow the ancient art of craftsmanship. THE pigs, only of female sex because they are leaner and tastier, they are boned and cleaned; then, again by hand, salted, massaged and spiced with a mixture of black pepper, rosemary and garlic. We then move on to tying and sewing around a steel pole and cooking in the oven, until the rind becomes crisp: the wood-fired ovens of the past have been supplanted by those in steel, electric or gas. Finally the cooling down, because the roast loses its moisture and keeps better. There pork, whole or in the smallest logs (7-13 kg), it must have a nice crunchy brown crust, softer in the girth.

The rind? Yes please
The meat, between white and pink, is fragrant and tender, with a taste savory and spicy, with a delightful texture contrast to the well roasted rind. Cut with a knife, the porchetta is tasted in all its fragrance al natural, cold or hot, together with homemade bread from Genzano, with a soft and light crumb, or from Lariano, of semi-integral soft wheat and cooked in a wood oven. Or in a sandwich enriched to taste with salad, grilled peppers or aubergines, cheese (provola, pecorino). It can also be used as an ingredient in cooking, to flavor pasta, pizza and savory pies. OR eat hot as a main course.

January 2022
Marina Cella

Posted on 21/01/2022


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How to store oranges and 10 unmissable recipes – Italian Cuisine

How to store oranges and 10 unmissable recipes

Are you sure you are storing oranges the right way? Do not miss our tips and the best sweet and savory recipes to enjoy them in all their splendor

In winter the oranges they are among the most popular citrus fruits on Italian tables together with mandarins. In fact, it is precisely in the coldest months that they reach the peak of their taste and their preciousness beneficial properties.
Once purchased, oranges can last a long time, but to preserve their sweetness, aroma and organoleptic qualities it is important to store them in the right way.

How to choose oranges

The conservation of oranges depends above all on the choice of the fruit. First you prefer untreated oranges, the only ones whose peel can also be consumed. Always check its appearance and consistency: if there is an orange cuts or dents it could have suffered damage during transport and its goodness could be compromised; if, on the other hand, it is very soft to the touch, it means that the orange is now overripe. In both cases the shelf life of the fruit will be considerably reduced.

How to store oranges at home

Freshly picked oranges can also last up to 3 weeks (some varieties, such as Valencia, even last up to four months), but it is essential that in the meantime they do not suffer thermal changes and long exposure to sunlight.
To achieve this, the winter climate can be exploited by storing oranges On the terrace: remove them from the packaging and collect them in an airy basket, away from heat sources.

If you do not have an open space available, it is better to keep them in fridge, as the warm temperature of the house could shorten its life. In this case, place the oranges in the fruit and vegetable compartment, making sure not to pile or crush them.

Can oranges be frozen?

Oranges, like lemons, can also be frozen. The best method is to wash and dry the fruit thoroughly, cut it into slices or peel the wedges and finally store them in freezer bags. In this way they will be ready to garnish cakes and pies.

Looking for ideas for using oranges in the kitchen? Look at our gallery to discover 10 unmissable recipes, both sweet and savory.

Sweet potatoes unmissable recipes and tips – Italian Cuisine

What are the differences between sweet potato and common potato? Let's discover them and try all our best recipes

The sweet potatoes, also called American potatoes, have nothing to do with the potatoes we deal with on a daily basis. Also called batata, the sweet potato is not a tuber (like the common potato), but a tuberous root: is part of the family of Convolvulaceae and not of the Solanaceae, it grows mainly in tropical areas, even if it is now cultivated all over the world.

In appearance, sweet potatoes are average larger than normal ones. Their peel, depending on the variety, it can have different shades of red and orange, but it can also be purple or even white. There pulp it has a slightly floury, but compact consistency; its color can also vary from white to orange to purple.

Just as the name implies, hers flavor it is sweet and reminiscent of pumpkin. This makes it ideal for both savory and sweet recipes!

Sweet potatoes: calories and properties

Sweet potatoes are perfect for those on a diet. First, 100 grams of sweet potatoes provide around 80 calories. But their properties are many more, so much so that they can be considered a real one superfood: sweet potatoes, especially if simply boiled, have a lower glycemic index than white potatoes.

sweet potato recipes

It is mainly in the peel that the Cajapo, a substance that fights cholesterol and promotes the reduction of blood sugar in the body. For this, it is recommended to consume them without removing the peel (but remember to clean it well). In addition to being low in fat, sweet potato is also richer in antioxidants, vitamin A and C, fibers and mineral salts, such as football, magnesium is potassium.

Sweet potatoes, recipes and tips

While not related to the classic ones, sweet potatoes can replace them in their entirety and be cooked in just the same way: whole, stuffed, steamed, baked, fried, in cream and so on.

Prepare some simple ones pan-fried sweet potatoes: just blanch them in boiling water and then brown them in a pan with a drizzle of oil, a pinch of salt and pepper, for about 15 minutes, until you reach the desired consistency.

To cook them in the oven, cut them into chunks or sticks and flavor them with the classic rosemary or with a mix of spices. Those that perfectly match their flavor are, for example, the paprika, the curry or even the cinnamon.

sweet potato recipes

If you wish fry them, always remember to dip a few potatoes at a time in boiling seed oil. For an extra crunchy result, sprinkle them lightly with cornstarch before frying.

Sweet potato fries or baked are a side dish tasty, but this precious ingredient can be used in many other preparations. In the gallery above, you will find the best combinations and our best recipes with sweet potatoes.

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